Washington, D.C. has had one of the first and most influential hardcore punk scenes in the United States since the early 1980s.

Among the earliest DC punk bands were the Bad Brains, Slickee Boys, Teen Idles, Minor Threat, S.O.A., Chalk Circle, Iron Cross (North America's 1st OI! band), Velvet Monkeys, Void, The Faith, DC Youth Brigade, Government Issue, Untouchables, Red C, Marginal Man, Scream, Black Market Baby and United Mutation, all of which formed in the late 1970s and early 1980s. In the mid-1980s during a time period quoted by some as "Revolution Summer," bands like Gray Matter, Embrace, Rites of Spring, Phlegm, Soulside, Three, Ignition and Rain emerged. Other DC hardcore bands from this time period are Fire Party, Dag Nasty, Second Wind. Aside from Black Market Baby and the few suburban punk bands that followed, the majority of the DC hardcore bands were made up of middle/upper class private school educated children of diplomats and other members of the Washington establishment at the time. Many grew up in the Georgetown and Northwest areas of DC, where they developed a sense of social justice by witnessing its injustices first hand - they were rich kids living in a privileged world, a social elite. Prior to punk, many of these later scene stalwarts were enthusiastically dressed up participants (eye liner, long hair, fishnets, platform shoes) at the midnight screenings of The Rocky Horror Picture Show at the cinema on M Street. Though the feeling and vitality of the early scene was based on the excitement of punk, the spectrum of music played in clubs and on radio featured Roxy Music, David Bowie, Ultravox, Skids, Slits, much English stuff, and lots of new American bands such as Avant Gardener, Tina Peel, The B-52's, the Nuns, Trenchmouth, The Cramps, Slickees, X, and the garage and punk bands out of New York. With the support of radio DJs such as Milo from WHFS, Xyra and Steve Lorber (who played Iggy Pop and the Ramones on his Sunday evening shows in 1976) from WGTB, everyone was made welcome, and everyone came.

Dischord Records, owned and run by Jeff Nelson, drummer for Minor Threat and Ian MacKaye, the frontman for Minor Threat, and later Embrace, Fugazi and the Evens put out records by many of these bands. Some other important record labels of the 1980s in D.C. include Fountain of Youth and DSI. Due to Dischord's popularity and influence, very few D.C.-based bands who were not on Dischord have received much attention from outside of the DC metro area.

Hardcore in D.C also has grown a large following in the late '80s and the '90s: Swiz, Device, World's Collide, Fury, Battery, Ashes, Gauge, and Damnation A.D., with a majority of these bands releasing albums on Jade Tree Records, THD, Art Monk Construction, Lovvitt Records, and Sammich.

Today, the hardcore scene is still quite popular within the Capital Beltway, having produced such past and present bands as Crispus Attucks, 86 Mentality, Striking Distance, Worn Thin, and more recent bands like Coke Bust, Sick Fix, Moment of Youth, Lion of Judah, The Alleged Bricks, Set To Explode, Time to Escape, Lotus Fucker, Troops of Tomorrow, Give, Darkest Hour, Seminal, Beasts of No Nation, Fairweather, Cloak/Dagger, Bus Fire, Majority Rule, Frodus, Domino Team, SEAS and Walk the Plank, The Black and Tans, and many others.

A Palo Seko----Donde Esta Wally.rar
A Different Day----Open Heart.rar
A Cuchillo!----Estilo A Muerte.rar
A Chorus Of Disapproval-----Truth Gives Wings To Strength.rar
50 Caliber----Demo.rar
5 Knuckle Chuckle----Charliee Horse.rar
5 Knuckle Chuckle----All Hammed Up.rar
1125----Victims Of Forgetting.rar
1125----Plonie Mi Serce.rar
1125----For When Tomorrow Comes.rar
A Palo Seko----Y No Pasa Nada.rar
A Palo Seko----Si No Te Gusta Lo Ke Hazemos... Haberlo Hecho Tu.rar
A Palo Seko----PP Pinocho.rar
A Palo Seko----Por Fin Al Fin El Fin.rar
A Palo Seko----No Todo El Monte Es Oregano.rar
A Palo Seko----Live After Dis...co Homenaje.rar
A Palo Seko----Lamekulos Sin Fronteras.rar
A Palo Seko----La Paja En El Ojo Ajeno.rar
A Palo Seko----Kana Burra Del Henares.rar
A Palo Seko----El Disco Rojo.rar
Alhambre----Entre El Tiempo Y La Distancia.rar
Aim For Da Head----Holy Shit.rar
Afraid Of That Day----Incomer.rar
Against Your Society----Eroded By The Breeze.rar
Adacta----Circullus Viciosus.rar
Adacta----Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam.rar
Abused----Loud And Clear.rar
A Town in Fear----Demo.rar
Anchor----Captivity Songs (EP).rar
Ambush----Forward Into Hell.rar
All Teeth----Summer Sessions.rar
All Teeth----I Am Losing.rar
All for Nothing----Start at Zero.rar
All for Nothing----Solitary.rar
All for Nothing----Demo.rar
All for Nothing----Can't Kill What's Inside.rar
Alhambre----Un solo camino.rar
Architect----All Is Not Lost.rar
Any Given Second----Brothers in arms.rar
Antes De Morir----Demo 2010.rar
Another Mistake----Lies For Lust [Demo].rar
Anchor----The Singles Collected.rar
Anchor----The Quiet Dance.rar
Anchor----Relations Of Violence EP.rar
Anchor----Real Punk Generation.rar
Austrian Death Machine----Total Brutal.rar
Austrian Death Machine----Double Brutal.rar
At least We Try----Demo 2011.rar
At least We Try----Demo 2009.rar
At Daggers Drawn----New Bruises.rar
Architects----The Here And Now.rar
Architect----Ghost of the Saltwater Machines.rar
Back Of Tha Neck----Hated By All.rar
Bane----758AM Perth.rar
Band Of Mercy----Vegan Power.rar
Balance----In Like A Lion (EP).rar
Balboa----No Mercy.rar
Backfliping Dog----Alter Ego.rar
Backfire!----Change The Game.rar
Backfire!----All Bets Are Off.rar
Backfire!----Who Told You Life Is Easy.rar
Backfire!----The War Starts Here.rar
Backfire!----Still Dedicated.rar
Backfire!----Rebel 4 Life.rar
Backfire!----In Harm's Way.rar
Better Than A Thousand----Self Worth (EP).rar
Better Than A Thousand----Just One.rar
Better Than A Thousand----Discography.rar
Betrayed----Suffering EP.rar
Betrayed----Addiction EP.rar
Beghlerass----Bghel Ou Chikour EP.rar
Before The Torn----The Serpent Smile.rar
Battletruk----Acid Death.rar
Birds Of A Feather----The Past, The Present.rar
Birds Of A Feather----Our Aim.rar
Birds of a Feather----Chapter 5 (7 Inch).rar
Birds In Row----Cottbus.rar
Billy The Kid----Jonestown.rar
Billy The Kid----Esta Ciudad Ardera.rar
Bikes Against The Machine----Bikes Against The Machine.rar
Bide Your Time----Never See Your Lies (Demo).rar
Between Earth And Sky----Of Roots And Wings.rar
Better Than A Thousand----Value Driven.rar
Bold----Looking Back (12 Inch).rar
Bold----Last Show.rar
Bluesbreaker----Chain Gang 7.rar
Bloodsheed----Our Lives In The Line.rar
Bloodsheed----Full Of Shit.rar
Bleed----True Colors Running 7.rar
Bleed----Portraits Of Past & Bleed - (Split).rar
Bleed----Bully Complex.rar
Bitter End----Climate of Fear.rar
Breaking Point----The Journey Demo.rar
Breaking Point----Breaking Point (7 Inch).rar
Breakdown----Breakdown - 1987-1997.rar
Break The Habit----The Last Songs.rar
Boxcutter----The Ill Testament.rar
Boruta----Try To Tread Us.rar
Boruta----We Are All Cursed EP.rar
Born From Pain----Survival.rar
Born From Pain----Reclaiming The Crown.rar
Bold----Speak Out.rar
Broken Bones----Without Conscience.rar
Broken Bones----Time For Anger, Not Justice.rar
Broken Bones----Stitched Up.rar
Broken Bones----Losing Control.rar
Broken Bones----Fuck You! And All You Stand For.rar
Broken Bones----F.O.A.D.rar
Broken Bones----Dem Bones + Decapitated.rar
Broken Bones----Complete Singles 1983-86.rar
Broken Bones----Bonecrusher.rar
Broken Bones----A Single Decade.rar
By My Oath----Demo.rar
Bury Your Dead----Mosh & Roll.rar
Bury the Living----All the News Thats Fit to Scream.rar
Burning Fiction----Don't Lose Touch.rar
Burn----Self Titled EP.rar
Bulldog Courage----From Heartache To Hatred.rar
Brutal Assault----Fuck You, Motherfucker!.rar
Brothers----Tragedy EP.rar
Brooksite----A New Age (EP).rar
Casey Jones----Casey Jones Are Some Crucial Dudes.rar
Carry Nation----Face the Nation (7 Inch).rar
Caravels----Caravels (7 Inch).rar
Cannonball!----Sinking Fast.rar
Cancer Bats----Birthing The Giant.rar
Call To Preserve----Unsinkable.rar
Call To Preserve----Life Of Defiance.rar
Call To Preserve----From Isolation.rar
Call For Blood----Figura 1 EP.rar
Cadence----Summer Demo.rar
Change Your Ways----Sunrise, Sunset EP.rar
Cause For Alarm----Beneath The Wheel.rar
Cast aside----The Struggle.rar
Cast aside----Overcome.rar
Casino Madrid----For Kings And Queens.rar
Casino Madrid----Demo.rar
Casey Jones----The Messenger.rar
Casey Jones----The Few, The Proud, The Crucial.rar
Casey Jones----I Hope We're Not The Last.rar
Circulo Eterno----Demo.rar
Cinder----Two Years Of Ripoffs And Circle Pits.rar
Cinder----Turn Away (Demo).rar
Cinder----So Hard to Learn (EP).rar
Cinder----Sneaking Out.rar
Cinder----De Principio A Fin.rar
Cinder----Breaking The Ice (EP).rar
Cinder and Smoke----Nice Effort, Guys.rar
Cinco Sentidos----Un Largo Sueno EP.rar
Children Of Gaia----I Pray To Watch You Bleed.rar
Common Cause----The Power To Change.rar
Common Cause----Statement Of Purpose.rar
Common Cause----Self-Titled EP.rar
Committed----The Pride We Share.rar
Close Your Eyes----We Will Overcome.rar
Civil War----Demo 2011.rar
Crawlspace----Don't Get Mad... Get Even (EP).rar
Crackdown----Enough Is Enough.rar
Crackdown----Day of Reckoning.rar
Count Me In----The Wolves Will Feed.rar
Contra As Cordas----Por Vos.rar
Confrontacion----Going Nowhere EP.rar
Conga Fury----Chaotic Noise.rar
Conga Fury----Dear Friends.rar
Conga Fury----Never Die.rar
Conga Fury----World Peace EP.rar
Conga Fury----Bullshit Disaster EP.rar
Confront----One Life Drug Free.rar
Conflicto Urbano----Self Titled (EP).rar
Cuenta Conmigo----Demo.rar
Crown Of Thornz----Mentally Vexed.rar
Crowd Of Isolated----A Try To Tell About A Way.rar
Cro-Mags----Twenty Years of Quarrel and Greatest Hits.rar
Cro-Mags----The Age of Quarrel.rar
Cro-Mags----The Age Of Quarrel (Remastered).rar
Cro-Mags----Best Wishes.rar
Crispus Attucks----Yo Peho! EP.rar
Crispus Attucks----Red Black Blood Attack.rar
Crispus Attucks----Crispus Attucks.rar
Cutting Class----Discography.rar
Day Of The Dead----Old Habits Die Harder.rar
Day Of The Dead----A New Healing Process.rar
Darko----Darko EP.rar
Darko----Darko 7''.rar
Damage Control----What It Takes.rar
Damage Control----The Losing End (7 Inch).rar
Damage Control----Can't Keep Us Down (7 Inch).rar
D.S.B----Kill The Phantom City.rar
Deny Everything----Speaking Treason EP.rar
Deny Everything----Fire This Time.rar
Demokhratia----Blad El Petrole Takoule Lekhra.rar
Deafness By Noise----Last Minute Call.rar
Dead Wish----From The Land Of Forgotten Graves.rar
Dead Weight----The Age Of I (EP).rar
Day Of The Dead----Ruiner (usa) & Day Of The Dead (por) Split EP.rar
Day Of The Dead----Perspectives.rar
Die Young----Songs For The Converted.rar
Die Young----Loss.rar
Die Young----Graven Images.rar
Die Young----Die Young - Invade - (Split EP).rar
Die Young----Die Young & Seven Generations - (Split EP).rar
Dirty Fingers----Black Land Crew.rar
Devil In Me----The End.rar
Devil In Me----Brothers In Arms.rar
Devil In Me----Born To Lose.rar
Desperate Times----Demo.rar
Deny Everything----Things I Like EP.rar
Donnybrook----There`s No Love For The Insincere.rar
Donnybrook----The Beast Inside.rar
Donnybrook----Piece By Piece - There Goes The Neighborhood Split 7Inch.rar
Donnybrook----Lions in this game.rar
Done For----Done For.rar
Dispense----Nothing But The Truth EP.rar
Die Young----Through the Valleys in Between.rar
Die Young----The Message.rar
Die Young----Survival Instinct.rar
Driftnet----A Sample Of No Commercial Value.rar
Dr. Hourai----Post Apocalyptic Nightmare Volume 1 Vibrations in Hyperspace.rar
Dr. Hourai----Dr.Hourai & Feat Marathon.rar
Down to Nothing----Unbreakable.rar
Down to Nothing----The Most.rar
Down to Nothing----Splitting Headache.rar
Down to Nothing----Save It For The Birds.rar
Down To Nothing----Hem Hem.rar
Down To Nothing----All My Sons.rar
Dosed----Prepare to Get.rar
Duff 21----Sentimiento Hardcore.rar
Driftnet----What We Seek.rar
Eleven Thirty-Four----Nothing 7.rar
Eleven Thirty-Four----Idle Regression.rar
Eleven Thirty-Four----Dying 7.rar
Efecto Reactivo----Traicionar Es Sepultar.rar
E.Town Concrete----Time 2 Shine.rar
E.Town Concrete----The Second Coming.rar
E.Town Concrete----The Renaissance.rar
E.Town Concrete----Made For War.rar
Escapado----Montgomery Mundtot.rar
Escapado----Hinter den Spiegeln.rar
Envy The Fallen----Hoist The Colours.rar
Envision----Unreleased Songs!.rar
Envision----Changing times.rar
Entrefuego----Himnos De Esperanza Y Frustracion.rar
Entrefuego----El Espiritu Intacto, La Esperanza De Pie EP.rar
Eleven Thirty-Four----Reality Filter.rar
Eskatol----Forste Angrep EP.rar
Escuela De Odio----Quien Siembra Miseria, Recoge La Colera.rar
Escuela De Odio----La Razon Del Pensamiento.rar
Escuela De Odio----La Escuela Del Odio.rar
Escuela De Odio----Escuela De Odio With Habeas Corpus - A Dolor(Split).rar
Escuela De Odio----El Sueno De Los Que No Duermen.rar
Escuela De Odio----De La Esclavitud A Las Cenizas.rar
Escuela De Odio----Cuando Los Mudos Griten Los Sordos Sentiran El Miedo.rar
Escuela De Odio----A Dolor.rar
Eye For All----Ruttopuisto Straight Edge.rar
Eye For All----Eye For All (7 Inch).rar
Expresa Tu Emocion----Valores.rar
Expire----Suffer The Cycle (EP).rar
Especimen----No Temas X La Paz.rar
Especimen----Hardcore En Vivo.rar
Fact----Never Turn Out The Light To Keep Myself.rar
Fact----In the Blink of an Eye.rar
Fact----Fact & Nature Living - This Day, This Means (Split).rar
FACT----Eat Your Words.rar
Fact----A Fact Of Life.rar
Face of Change----Standing Still (EP).rar
Face of Change----Demo 2xEP.rar
Eyes Set To Kill----When Silence Is Broken The Night Is Torn.rar
Eyes Set To Kill----Reach.rar
Fightback----Evil Ways To The Truth.rar
Fed Up!----Sheer Poetry.rar
Fc Five----Dandelion's Blues.rar
Fastbreak----Whenever You're Ready.rar
Fastbreak----Fast Cars, Fast Women.rar
Fastbreak----Dont Stop Trying (7 Inch).rar
Far Cry----Tillsday (EP).rar
Famine----Shadows of the Past.rar
Falsos Positivos----Single.rar
Fallacies----Searching For Conviction EP.rar
Forced To Exile----Unsaid EP.rar
For The Glory----Survival Of The Fittest.rar
Follow Through----Taking It Back.rar
Floorpunch----Twin Killing.rar
Floorpunch----New Jersey.rar
Floorpunch----Goal Line Stand Demo Tape.rar
Floorpunch----Fast Times At The Jersey Shore.rar
Flip Time----Over The Shades EP.rar
First Blood----Silence Is Betrayal.rar
Freya----As The Last Light Drains.rar
Freya----All Hail The End.rar
Free Spirit----Free Yourself (7 Inch).rar
Free Spirit----Be Yourself (Demo).rar
Fredag Den 13-E----Under Iskalla Fanor.rar
Fragments Of Clarity----Make The Revolution In My Heart.rar
Foundation----At Your Mercy (EP).rar
Foul Crux----Demo.rar
Forever Young----The Guarantee.rar
Forever Young----The Chance (7 Inch).rar
Fumbles In Life----A New Way to Play.rar
Full Blown Chaos----Within the Grasp of Titans.rar
Full Blown Chaos----Wake the Demons.rar
Full Blown Chaos----Prophet Of Hostility.rar
Full Blown Chaos----Heavy Lies the Crown.rar
Full Blown Chaos----Full Blown Chaos.rar
Fuerza Y Decision----For... Life.rar
From This Day On----A New Path (EP).rar
From This Day On----A Memoir Of Dissent (EP).rar
Freya----Lift The Curse.rar
Fumbles In Life----The Gift Of Forever.rar
Fumbles In Life----Everyday You Can Improve.rar
Fumbles In Life----Communication Wins.rar
Fumbles In Life----Awareness (EP).rar
Get The Most----Common Goals.rar
Get The Most----Common Goals (EP).rar
Get Rad----Choose Your Own Adventure (7 Inch).rar
Geriatric Unit----Nuclear Accidents.rar
Geriatric Unit----Audit Of Ennemies.rar
Gerbang Singa----My Life Is Mine EP.rar
Good clean fun----On the streets.rar
Good clean fun----Crouching Tiger, Moshing Panda.rar
Good clean fun----Between Christian Rock And A Hard Place.rar
Gone But Not Forgotten----Seattle Crew (Demo).rar
Gold Kids----Ode To Youth.rar
Ghost Breeder----Closed (EP).rar
Get The Most----Together.rar
Get The Most----Moment In Time (EP).rar
Get The Most----Core Values Demo.rar
Grubby----The Mob Boss.rar
Growing Pains----Rite Of Passage EP.rar
Grand Malota----Grand Malota.rar
Good clean fun----Today The Scene Tomorrow The World.rar
Good clean fun----Straight Outta Hardcore.rar
Good clean fun----Shoping For A Crew.rar
Good clean fun----Positively Positive 1998-2002.rar
H8 Inc----A Clockwork Misery.rar
Habeas Corpus----A Las Cosas Por Su Nombre.rar
Habeas Corpus----Subversiones.rar
Habeas Corpus----Sociedad Mecanizada.rar
Habeas Corpus----Rarezas.rar
Habeas Corpus----Otra Vuelta De Tuerca.rar
Habeas Corpus----O Todo, O Nada.rar
Habeas Corpus----N.N.rar
Habeas Corpus----Justicia.rar
Habeas Corpus----HC.rar
Habeas Corpus----Basado En Una Historia Real.rar
Habeas Corpus----Arma Mente.rar
Hard Resistance----Engine Of Hate.rar
Harbours----Remainders EP.rar
Harbours----Branches (EP).rar
Hanoi----Nema Falak, Ures Fejek.rar
Hand Of Mercy----Trash The Party.rar
Hand Of Mercy----The Fallout.rar
Hand Of Mercy----Scum Of The Earth.rar
Hammer Bros----The Kids Are Dead.rar
Hammer Bros----Hammer Bros.rar
Half The Battle----What We Have.rar
Harsh----Implants EP.rar
Haribo Macht Kinder Froh----Where Is The Afterparty.rar
Haribo Macht Kinder Froh----We Are Monsters [Single].rar
Haribo Macht Kinder Froh----Highfives And Breakdowns.rar
Hardcore Immortal Violence----Vengeance.rar
Hardcore Immortal Violence----Fetishcore.rar
Hardcore Fanclub----No One Can Stop It!.rar
Hard Resistance----Want A Man Dead.rar
Hard Resistance----Its All Around.rar
Heckle----The Complicated Futility Of Ignorance.rar
Hatebreed----Under The Knife.rar
Hatebreed----The Rise Of Bruitality.rar
Hatebreed----Satisfaction is the Death of Desire.rar
Hatebreed----Rare, Demos, Live.rar
Hatebreed----For the Lions.rar
Hatebreed----A Call For Blood - A Tribute To Hatebreed.rar
Hobson's Choice----Indivisible.rar
History----We're Only Getting Older.rar
HighFive----Fuck It!.rar
Higher Learning----And You Know This (EP).rar
Her Name in Dlood----Decadence.rar
Henry Fonda----Henry Fonda.rar
Henry Fonda----Henry Fonda & Karak (Split EP).rar
Hellmouth----Gravestone Skylines.rar
Hellmouth----Destroy Everything, Worship Nothing.rar
Hell FM----Shit Outta Luck (EP).rar
Hot Cross----Risk Revival.rar
Hoods Up----Arms Still Open.rar
Home Invasion----Home Invasion (EP).rar
Hold X True----Then And Now.rar
Hold X True----Nothing Can Destroy Me, Nothing Can Stop Me.rar
Hold X True----Invincible.rar
Hold X True----Crossroads (EP).rar
Hold X True----Actions Instead Of Words.rar
Hold On Thrugh All----Make A Change EP.rar
Humanifesto----The Infamous.rar
Humanifesto----The Infamous Sessions.rar
Humanifesto----Don't Eat Meat.rar
Humanifesto----A Declaration Of Intent.rar
In My Eyes----Demo.rar
In My Eyes----Anthony Sings the Hits! (Unreleased).rar
In Coma Rose----Amapola EP.rar
Il-62----Live in Shroon.rar
Icepick----Violent Epiphany.rar
I Adapt----Chainlink Burden.rar
Iron Boots----Weight Of The World.rar
Intervenzione----Last Screams.rar
Insted----What We Believe.rar
Insted----We'll Make The Difference (7 Inch).rar
Insted----Proud Youth 1986-1991.rar
Infect----Estrepito (7 Inch).rar
In-Sane----Trust these hands... Are worthless.rar
In-Sane----Keeping Ourselves Close To Our Hearts.rar
In My Eyes----The Difference Between.rar
In My Eyes----Nothing To Hide.rar
Irrivaly----The Answer Remains.rar
Judge----No Apologies - The Chung King Sessions.rar
Judge----Bringin' It Down.rar
Jerry's Kids----Unreleased (EP).rar
Jerry's Kids----Kill Kill Kill.rar
Jerry's Kids----Is This My World.rar
Jaws----Slow Motion Suicide.rar
Japy Lora----Horripilante Abmofera.rar
Just Like Random----Lock Stock and Barrel.rar
Judge----What It Meant The Complete Discography.rar
Judge----Schism ('82 AND ON).rar
Judge----Rev (OLD SMOKE).rar
Judge----Rev (Discog).rar
Kids Like Us----Outta Control.rar
Kickback----No Surrender.rar
Keeps Awaking----1st Demo.rar
Kartel----Rise Of The Guttersnipe.rar
Kondenados A La Rabia----Tu Realidad.rar
Kondenados A La Rabia----Duro Despertar.rar
Knuckle Up----Motivation From Misery.rar
Kids Like Us----The Game.rar
Last Nerve----Last Nerve.rar
Last Nerve----Internal Affairs & Last Nerve (Split).rar
Last Nerve----Demo.rar
Larm----No One Can Be That Dumb.rar
La Dispute----Vancouver.rar
Liferuiner----No Saints.rar
Liferuiner----Are You Offended Yet (EP).rar
Life Long Tragedy----Runaways.rar
Life As A Martyr----Reasons Why EP.rar
Leviathan----In a search of a soul.rar
Leucine----Step One Proceed.rar
Leucine----EP Sampler.rar
Let Me Crazy----Contraflow.rar
Les Frenopatikos----Viviendo Entre Ojos De Ciudad.rar
Legacy----Allegories (EP).rar
Lokhul----La Muerte EP.rar
Lokhul----Dis Primitivo EP.rar
Live Clean Stay Young----Live Clean Stay Young.rar
Live Clean Stay Young----It's Tough To Be A Man.rar
Lions Den----Demo.rar
Line Of Scrimmage----Denounced.rar
Like Trumpets----Reveille EP.rar
Like Beasts----LIke Beasts (EP).rar
Liferuiner----Taking Back The Nightlife.rar
Low Value----The Language Of Stolen Music.rar
Low Value----Recharge.rar
Low Threat Profile----Product #2.rar
Love Potion----Intimacy.rar
Love Potion----Ejaculator EP.rar
Los Verdaderos----Volver.rar
Lorraine----Victory EP.rar
Loma Prieta----Life Less (12 Inch).rar
Loma Prieta----Demo.rar
Loma Prieta----Dark Mountain (12 Inch).rar
L`Esprit Du Clan----Chapitre IV. L`enfer C`est Le Notre.rar
L`Esprit Du Clan----Chapitre III. Corpus Delicti.rar
L`Esprit Du Clan----Chapitre II. Reverence.rar
L`Esprit Du Clan----Chapitre I.rar
Lower Than Atlantis----Far Q.rar
MadBall----Best of Madball.rar
MadBall----Ball Of Destruction.rar
M.O.D----Surfin' M.O.D.rar
M.O.D----Gross Misconduct.rar
M.O.D----Dictated Aggression.rar
MadBall----The Real American HC.rar
MadBall----Set It Off.rar
MadBall----N.Y.H.C. EP.rar
MadBall----Look My Way.rar
MadBall----Infiltrate The System.rar
MadBall----Hold It Down.rar
MadBall----Droppin' Many Suckers.rar
MadBall----Demostrating My Style.rar
Mediocracy----Human Progress - Endless Regress.rar
Media Blitz----Media Blitz (EP).rar
Maximum Penalty----Uncle Sham.rar
Maximum Penalty----Superlife.rar
Maximum Penalty----Life And Times.rar
Maximum Penalty----Independent.rar
Maximum Penalty----Demo 89 & East Side Story EP.rar
Marcel Duchamp----Contra Nosotros Mismos.rar
Makiladoras----Niemand Weet Wat De Toekomst Brengt 10.rar
Makers----Ailments (EP).rar
Mindset----Real Power.rar
Mindset----Midnight Sky.rar
Mindset----West Coast Tour Demo.rar
Mindset----Time & Pressure.rar
Miles To Go----Times Like These (Demo).rar
Miles To Go----Outburst (EP).rar
Miles To Go----Miles To Go & When Seasons Change.rar
Miles To Go----Dead End Road (Demo).rar
Mil Caras----Pietas-Virtus-Fides.rar
Midnight In America----We'll Never Be The Same EP.rar
Memorias De Arcadia----La Teoria De Un Adios Que Es Para Siempre EP.rar
Minor Threat----VA - Out Of Step - A Minor Threat Tribute.rar
Minor Threat----VA - Minor Threat Out Of Tune Tribute.rar
Minor Threat----Salad Days 7'' (Remastered 2009).rar
Minor Threat----Rarities Collection.rar
Minor Threat----Out of Step 12'' (Remastered 2008).rar
Minor Threat----Minor Threat 7''.rar
Minor Threat----Minor Threat 12'' (Remastered 2008).rar
Minor Threat----Minor Threat - Youth Brigade - Split Demos.rar
Minor Threat----In My Eyes 7''.rar
Minor Threat----First Demo Tape.rar
Minor Threat----Dischord 1981 - The Year In Seven Inches.rar
Minor Threat----Complete Discography.rar
Most Precious Blood----Do Not Resuscitate.rar
Moshing Samurai----The Future Of Law Enforcement.rar
Moshing Samurai----Atlantis Tapeworm Incident [EP].rar
Minoria Activa----Theseveninchsession.rar
Minoria Activa----Principio Del Fin (Version Final).rar
Minoria Activa----Neo Nemesis.rar
Minoria Activa----94-97.rar
My Dog's A Cat----Demo.rar
Murder Death Kill----Investigate Infiltrate Annihilate.rar
Murder Death Kill----Fuck With Us and Find Out.rar
Move Forward----The Cost of Living 7.rar
Move Forward----Progression EP.rar
Move Forward----Move Forward EP.rar
Move Forward----Get Us Outta Here EP.rar
Mouthpiece----What Was Said.rar
Mouthpiece----Can't Kill What's Inside.rar
Motorbreat----Iron Lamb - Motorbreath - A motorlamb with an ironbreath.rar
My Dog's A Cat----Hope & Despair.rar
Negative Approach----Friends Of No One EP.rar
Negative Approach----Fair Warning Vol. 1.rar
Negative Approach----Can't Tell No One.rar
Necesidad De Luchar----El Colapso Es Inminente.rar
Near Miss----The Gentle Art Of Making Enemies.rar
Near Miss----Testing The Ends of What They'll Put Up With.rar
Nasty----The Beginning.rar
Nasty----Give A Shit.rar
Nasty----Declaring War.rar
No For An Answer----A Thought Crusade.rar
No Apologies----Survival.rar
NFYD----Fashion Unite (EP).rar
NFYD----Enemy Inside.rar
New Time Terror----Round One.rar
Never Built Ruins----Built To Love.rar
Negative Approach----Total Recall.rar
Negative Approach----Tied Down.rar
Negative Approach----Ready To Fight.rar
Negative Approach----Negative Approach EP.rar
No Part----Demo.rar
No More Fear----Walkin' On.rar
No More Fear----One Thing We'll Share (7 Inch).rar
No More Fear----A Matter Of Choice.rar
No Lessons Learned----Demo 2010.rar
No Hope For Pardon----No Name No History EP.rar
No Heroes----Demo.rar
No Guts No Glory----My Space Songs.rar
No Guts No Glory----Hidden In The Light.rar
No For An Answer----Discography.rar
North Side Kings----North Side Kings - With STAMPIN`GROUND - Allied Forces (Split).rar
North Side Kings----A Family Affair.rar
No Zodiac----Soulless.rar
No Zodiac----Burn In Hell.rar
No Turning Back----Take Control.rar
No Turning Back----Stronger.rar
No Turning Back----Rise From The Ashes [EP].rar
No Turning Back----Revenge Is A Right (Remastered).rar
No Turning Back----Holding On.rar
No Turning Back----Damage Is Done (Remastered).rar
Noyalty----The Seas Have No Roads.rar
Noyalty----Between The Broken.rar
Nowadays----Things Will Never Change.rar
Nothing Gold Can Stay----Hate Is Not The Opposite Of Love.rar
Not Sorry----Moving On (7 Inch).rar
Not Sorry----Demo.rar
Nostra Famiglia----Ley de la Calle.rar
North Side Kings----This Thing Of Ours.rar
North Side Kings----Suburban Royalty.rar
North Side Kings----Organizing Our Neighborhood.rar
Nulla Osta----Poslije zivota.rar
Nulla Osta----Njihovo vrijeme.rar
Nulla Osta----Bilo Je Gadno, Ali Bit Ce Jos Gore.rar
Nueva Direccion----Camino A Casa EP.rar
Nuestra Venganza----Demo.rar
Nuestra Venganza----Algo Mas Que Palabras.rar
Nuestra Promes----Dedicacion EP.rar
Nuestra Fe----Mas Que Palabras EP.rar
Nuclear Frost----Winter Bombs 83.rar
Of Legends----Stranded.rar
Onward----Onward (EP).rar
Onward----In A Different Place.rar
Only Crime----Virulence.rar
Only Attitude Counts----We Stand As One.rar
Only Attitude Counts----Return The Favour.rar
Only Attitude Counts----Hard To Swallow.rar
Only Attitude Counts----Continue The Fight.rar
Only Attitude Counts----100%.rar
One Eye Open----Attacking Zombies (Demo).rar
Okkultokrati----Knarkskog EP.rar
Our Walls----Nines EP.rar
Our Time Down Here----Our Time Down Here.rar
Our Time Down Here----Live, Love, Let Go.rar
Our Time Down Here----Last Light.rar
Orientacion----Oscuros Sentimientos.rar
Ordrenekt----Guddommelig Incest.rar
Open Wide----Japan Youthcrew Discography.rar
Open Wide----Demo.rar
Open Wide----Dedication (EP).rar
Opcion Positiva----Ciegos Ante La Realidad EP.rar
Outspoken----Don't Admit Defeat.rar
Outspoken----A light in the dark.rar
Outrage----II (EP).rar
Outburst----Miles To Go.rar
Overcome----The Great Campaign of Sabotage.rar
Outspoken----The Current.rar
Pointing Finger----Milestone.rar
Plastic Fire----E.xistencia P.arcial.rar
Plastic Fire----A Ultima Cidade Livre.rar
Persist----The Untold Story EP.rar
Pense----Espelho Da Alma.rar
Pay No Respect----Fear Profits Man Nothing.rar
Paura----History Bleeds.rar
Pacto De Sangre----Sangre Joven.rar
Protectorate----Lost Love.rar
Protagonist----The Chronicle.rar
ProoF----Blood Money EP.rar
Prisonbitch----Brain Raped.rar
Preventive Suicide----The Upside Down World.rar
Poison Planet----Undermine (7 Inch).rar
Pointing Finger----Transcend.rar
Pointing Finger----Reasons Not Rules (EP).rar
Puny Runt----Puny Runt EP.rar
Punchout!----New Chapter EP.rar
Rawside----Out of Control`97 Live in Schweinfurt.rar
Random Orbits----Safety Meeting.rar
Random Orbits----Real Friends Fix The Run.rar
Random Orbits----Heart Attacks [EP].rar
Rampage----Limit Of Destruction.rar
Radiating Eyes----Steel Hearts.rar
Radiated----After the fall.rar
Reach The Sky----So Far From Home.rar
Reaccion Tumba----Old School Hardcore.rar
Reaccion Propia----Inercia Somatica.rar
Razorwire----A Lethal Dose.rar
Rawside----Vorkriegsjugend (EP).rar
Rawside----Police Terror & VKJ Compilation.rar
Refused----The Shape Of Punk To Come.rar
Refused----Songs To Fan The Flames Of Discontent.rar
Reflections Of Internal Rain----Last Flood.rar
Reflection----Strength to overcome.rar
Refiner----Life In Sandals (EP).rar
Reason To Care----Farewell! I Am Longing For Home.rar
Reason To Care----Demo.rar
Reason To Care----Dear Liv Ivy.rar
Real Reggae----Maze + THC Best.rar
Reaching Hand----Threshold EP.rar
Rest In Hate----Unidad.rar
Residuals----Grief EP.rar
Requiem For Sirens----The Pride In A Sinking Story.rar
Reno----The Year Of Love.rar
Relentless----Set In Stone.rar
Relentless----Opposition To Control.rar
Reign Supreme----Testing The Limits Of Infinite.rar
Reign Supreme----American Violence.rar
Regulations----To Be Me.rar
Refused----This Just Might Be The Truth.rar
Rot In Hell----As Pearls Before Swine.rar
Sailing On----Sailing On EP.rar
Sacrificed Conspiracy----Nuevas Esperanzas Nacen Cada Dia.rar
S.O.K. 91----Demo.rar
S.O.B----What's the Truth.rar
S.O.B----Vicious World.rar
S.O.B----Still Grind Attitude.rar
S.O.B----Gate Of Doom.rar
S.O.B----Dub Grind.rar
S.O.B----Don't Be Swindle.rar
Set It Straight----Live Your Heart And Never Follow.rar
Set Adrift----From The Inside ... Into Nowhere 7.rar
Sentenced To Fight----Jauria Guerrera.rar
Sentenced To Fight----Declaracion EP.rar
Sem Resposta----Cumprindo As Normas Nom Escrit.rar
Second Combat----What Has Inspired Us.rar
Second Combat----Second Combat + Motivations - split.rar
Second Combat----One More Fight.rar
Saving Grace----Behind Enemy Lines.rar
Sauerkraut----Kuburan Massal Kemanusiaan.rar
Siempre Adelante----Alarma Silenciosa.rar
Sick Of It All----Blood, Sweat, And No Tears.rar
Shout Aloud----Demo.rar
Shinto Katana----We Can't Be Saved.rar
Shinto Katana----Demo 2006.rar
Shinto Katana----Cold Streets.rar
Sheeva Yoga----Heartotheque.rar
Shaked Maalima Misim----A Different Way.rar
Shacled Down----The Crew.rar
Set It Straight----My Favorite Words.rar
Slapshot----Old Tyme Hardcore.rar
Slapshot----Greatest Hits Slashes, And Cross Checks.rar
Skywalker----Hic Sunt Leones.rar
Skarhead----NY Thugcore The Hardcore Years 1994-2000.rar
Skarhead----Kings At Crime.rar
Skarhead----Kickin It Oldschool.rar
Skarhead----Drugs, Money, Sex.rar
Silverstein----Transitions EP.rar
Siempre Verdadero----Second Quality.rar
Soziedad Alkoholika----Mala Sangre.rar
Soziedad Alkoholika----Intoxicazion Etilika.rar
Soziedad Alkoholika----Feliz Falsedad.rar
Soziedad Alkoholika----Diversiones.rar
Soziedad Alkoholika----Directo.rar
Soziedad Alkoholika----Corrosiva!.rar
Soul Control----Involution.rar
Social Standards----Not So Fast.rar
Snort----Did You Decide In Your Tomorrow.rar
Smash The Statues----When Fear Is All Around Us.rar
Spengimas----Mind Defect.rar
Speak 714----Knee Deep In Guilt.rar
Soziedad Alkoholika----Y Ese Que Tanto Habla.rar
Soziedad Alkoholika----Tiempos Oscuros.rar
Soziedad Alkoholika----Soziedad Alkoholika.rar
Soziedad Alkoholika----Sesion #2.rar
Soziedad Alkoholika----S.A - EsparragoRock 1997.rar
Soziedad Alkoholika----Ratas.rar
Soziedad Alkoholika----Polvo En Los Ojos.rar
Soziedad Alkoholika----No Intente Hacer Esto En Su Casa!.rar
Stop And Think----WWPI Radio Set.rar
Still Screaming----From The Ashes Of A Dead Time.rar
Stick Together----No More Games (EP).rar
Step A Side----HxC kah.rar
Step Right In----Glory Moments Of Your Past EP.rar
Stay Hungry----No Beginning, No End 12''.rar
Stand United----Adherence.rar
SSSP----The Darker Side of Suburbia.rar
SSSP----S.S.S.P. & Prima Linea.rar
SSSP----For Life.rar
Strongarm----The Advent Of A Miracle.rar
Surrender----One Day.rar
Strip The Threads----Won't Hold Back.rar
STRIKE EACH OTHER----Torrent Of Reality.rar
Strength Approach----Stand Your Ground.rar
Street Sweeper----Stylin On You (Demo).rar
Straight To Your Face----The Struggle.rar
Straight Opposition----Fury Stands Unbeaten.rar
Straight Faced----Pulling Teeth.rar
Straight Answer----Discography 1998-2007.rar
Symphony Of Distraction----Symphony Of Distraction EP.rar
Symphony Of Distraction----Pudwalk.rar
Strongarm----These Times That Try Men's Souls (Demo).rar
Tension----In Our Time.rar
Tension----Agent Of The People.rar
Ten Minute Man----Suspension Of Disbelief.rar
Teleport Me, Johny----Teleport Me, Johny EP.rar
Teen Idles----Minor Disturbance.rar
Take The Earth Beneath Us----Self-Titled EP.rar
Take Control----Trapped Inside.rar
The Departed----Remnants.rar
The Black Pacific----The Black Pacific.rar
Terror----The Damned The Shamed.rar
Terror----Rhythm Amongst The Chaos.rar
Terror----One With the Underdogs.rar
Terror----Lowest Of The Low.rar
Terror----Keepers Of The Faith.rar
Terror----Always The Hard Way.rar
Terrible Minds----Demo.rar
Tension----Sickness Of Our Age.rar
The Red Baron----My First Love.rar
The New Enemy----Shakedown EP.rar
The Last Memory----Realidade Compativel.rar
The Last Charge----Charge For Life.rar
The Force Within----What We Feel & The Force Within (Split).rar
The Force Within----Endurance.rar
The First Step----Open Hearts And Clear Minds.rar
The First Step----Connection.rar
The First Step----What We Know.rar
The Eyes Of A Traitor----Breathless.rar
The Effort----Wartime Citizens.rar
The Strength Inside----Foresight.rar
The Saddest Landscape----You Will Not Survive.rar
The Saddest Landscape----The Sound Of The Spectacle.rar
The Saddest Landscape----The Saddest Landscape & Pianos Become the Teeth.rar
The Saddest Landscape----Lift Your Burdens High, For This is Where We Cross.rar
The Saddest Landscape----I Don't Want To Miss You Anymore.rar
The Saddest Landscape----A Promise Was Made... (EP).rar
The Rival Mob----Raw Life.rar
The Rival Mob----Hardcore for Hardcore EP.rar
The Revenge----Less Talk, More Shots.rar
Tiger Uppercut----Demo 2004.rar
Tides----The Rising EP.rar
This Distance----The Thought Of Safety EP.rar
Thick As Blood----Moment Of Truth.rar
Thick As Blood----Embrace.rar
Theme Of Laura----Demo.rar
Thell Barrio----Locos Hijos Del Sol.rar
The Wrath----Overcoming Failure (EP).rar
The Waste of Effort----Directionless EP.rar
The Warriors----See How You Are.rar
Toe To Toe----Arturo Gatti.rar
To What End----Witch hunt & To what end.rar
To What End----The Purpose Beyond.rar
To What End----And History Repeats Itself EP.rar
To The Embers----Endless,Obstinate.rar
To Feel Alive----Eternamente Expectante Eternamente Frustrados.rar
To Feel Alive----Desaprendiando.rar
Tiger Uppercut----Til My Last Fucking Quarter.rar
Tiger Uppercut----Tiger Uppercut &Sabertooth Zombie (Split).rar
Toxic Holocaust----Hell On Earth.rar
Toxic Holocaust----Evil Never Dies.rar
Toxic Holocaust----Critical Mass.rar
Toxic Holocaust----Conjure And Command.rar
Toxic Holocaust----An Overdose Of Death.rar
Toxic Holocaust----Toxic Thrash Metal.rar
Toxic Holocaust----Toxic Holocaust & Inepsy (Split).rar
Toxic Holocaust----Radiation Sickness.rar
Toxic Holocaust----Live - Only Deaf Is Real.rar
Too Pure To Die----Confidence And Consequence.rar
Together----The Elephant.rar
Toe To Toe----Tao.rar
Toe To Toe----Old Scores New Glories.rar
Toe To Toe----Consolidated.rar
Troublesome----Lose Control (EP).rar
Train Hartnet----6 Songs.rar
Traveler----Going Home.rar
TRC----Bright Lights.rar
Undergang----And You Will Live In Terror.rar
Ultima Esperanza----Vivan las cadenas.rar
Until Today----In The Distance.rar
Until Today----Hate Free.rar
Until Today----A Brand New Start.rar
Unsung----Wiping the Slate Clean (7 Inch).rar
Unregenerate Blood----Demo.rar
United Nations----United Nations.rar
Uniform Choice----Getting The Point Across (Live).rar
Uniform Choice----Demo (7 Inch).rar
Unveil----Destruction wherever I go 7.rar
Vitamin X----Once Upon A Time.rar
Vitamin X----Full Scale Assault.rar
Vitamin X----Down The Drain.rar
Vitamin X----Bad Trip.rar
Vitamin X----We Came Here For Fun.rar
Vitamin X----Straight Edge Crew.rar
Vitamin X----See Through Their Lies.rar
Vitamin X----Rip It Out.rar
Vitamin X----Random Violence.rar
Vitamin X----Pissed Off - A VX Collection.rar
Vitamin X----People That Bleed EP.rar
Violent Sutura----Nuova Genesi.rar
Vieja Escuela----Ataque Straight Edge (En Vivo).rar
Vi Gruer Oss----Kjell Magne Bondesvik.rar
Veteran Flashbax----Living In A Bubble.rar
Venganza----Cero Culpas Y Mil Memorias EP.rar
Voices----Anchors EP.rar
Voice Of Tomorrow----Нека Живее EP.rar
War Coma----5 Track Demo.rar
Where Fear And Weapons Meet----Unstoppable.rar
Where Fear And Weapons Meet----The Weapon.rar
Where Fear And Weapons Meet----Control.rar
Where Eagles Dare----To Come From Nowhere.rar
Whatever----No Improvement (EP).rar
We Ride----Directions.rar
We Ride----Demo.rar
War Hound----Return Of The Hardstyle.rar
War Hound----For The Hounds.rar
Within the Last Wish----The World is Painted Out.rar
Within the Last Wish----I Talk About My Pain Here For Purification Of Memories.rar
With Words----Cagebound.rar
Wish For Wings----Echoes.rar
Wisdom In Chains----Wisdom in Chains.rar
Wisdom In Chains----Everything You Know.rar
Wisdom In Chains----Die Young.rar
Wisdom In Chains----Class War.rar
White Fields----Chronicles.rar
Where Fear And Weapons Meet----Where Fear And Weapons Meet EP.rar
xINHx----This Is My Fucking Answer.rar
Wrecking Crew----Balance of Terror Balance Of Terror.rar
Wrecking Crew----1987-1991.rar
Wrecking Crew----Self Titled EP.rar
World Eater----Demo.rar
Word Up!----Cabin Fever.rar
Words Of Concrete----East German Cold.rar
World Eater----Demo.rar
Wolves Like Us----Late Love.rar
XOne ChoiceX----Last One Down.rar
xBurning The Fallenx----Keeping Edge Alive EP.rar
xAFBx----My Life, Your End.rar
xAFBx----Count Your Lies.rar
Yunus Kicked Her Nose----Endless Generation EP.rar
Youth Of Today----We're Not In This Alone.rar
Youth Of Today----Live @ 924 Gilman Str. Berkeley,san Fransisco-Ca.rar
Youth Of Today----Disengage.rar
Youth Of Today----Can't Close My Eyes.rar
Youth Of Today----Break Down The Walls.rar