Easycore (иногда называют popcore или happy hardcore, хотя последнее действительно относится к типу танцевальной музыки) - это музыкальный жанр смесей pop punk и hardcore. Он характеризуется с использованием оптимистичной мелодии, быстрых барабанов, сингалонгов и иногда имеет брейкдауны.

El easycore, es un subgénero musical surgido de la combinación del pop punk y del hardcore al inicio de los años 2000's. Sus características principales son los breakdowns, gang vocals, sing alongs, 2 step y en algunas de sus variantes se incluye un teclado sintetizador en sus canciones. Este subgénero musical combina principalmente la guitarra y la batería del hardcore (doble pedal) con los ritmos rápidos del pop punk, el bajo sigue intacto en el tono punk, pero puede pasar al del hardcore en ciertos ritmos.

El término fue acuñado por la banda de pop punk Norteamericana New Found Glory, y algunas bandas representativas que se han visto influenciadas por este subgénero son Save Your Breath, la ya disuelta banda Bangarang!, aunque su sonido seguia siendo un poco más Pop Punk. Otras bandas influenciadas recientemente son The Wonder Years (inicios de la banda) , Four Year Strong, Set Your Goals, Veara, This Time Next Year, A Day to Remember (Aunque hay mucha polémica en catalogar a ADTR como una banda Easycore).

En el año 2008 New Found Glory promovió el "Easycore Tour", una gira por EEUU y Gran Bretaña junto a grupos como Set Your Goals, Four Year Strong, A Day to Remember y Crime in Stereo.

Inspiradas por el pop punk de finales de los 90 y principios de los 2000 con Blink-182 como principal referente, adquieren como suyo este subgénero, por lo que podría afirmarse que el Easycore es el estilo de la nueva oleada pop punk y en ocasiones pueden confundirse ambos términos.

4get me not----Mamo zabierz mnie do Zimbabwe
A Day To Remember----And Their Name Was Treason
A Day To Remember----Attack Of The Killer B-Sides
A Day To Remember----Homesick (Retail)
A Day To Remember----Old Record
A Day To Remember----What Separates Me From You
A Face For Radio----2 song
A Face For Radio----E.P. Phone Home
A Hero's Fate----Terms And Conditions
A Run For Your Money----Hide Your Daughters And Kill Your Sons
A Shipwreck A Castaway----No Strangers to Struggle EP
A Week of Sundays----Awaken Me
A Week Of Sundays----Dirt & Glitter Single
Abandon The Skies----Wait For The Summer EP
Abandoned by Bears----Bear-sides EP
Above the Underground----Singles
Acid Street----2-Track Demo 2010
Act As One----Bone To Be Radical
Act As One----My Own Worst Enemy (Lit Cover)
Act As One----No Looking Back
Act As One----The Goodtimes
Act As One----Two New Songs
After Tonight----1 song
Aliston Road----Altitudes
All Hands On Deck!----Demos
All Hands On Deck!----The Things You'll Miss The Most (1 Song)
All Heart----All Heart EP
All Heart----Slumber Party EP
All Heart----There's No Place Like Home
All Is Fleeting----The Better Route Demo 2008
All It's Worth----Shipwreck Single
All Out Best----All We Are! EP
All Out Best----Demo
All Systems Go----You Wont Be My Anchor EP
All We Are----Things That Matter
Almost Critical----ACFTW! Demo
Almost Hopeless----Sweeping Changes EP
Almost Hopeless----The stronger We hit, the longer We stand
Anchor Me Down----Demo 2011
Anchorman----The Old Songs
And After----Acima das Derrotas, Abaixo das Vitуrias
Annamora----Not Time To Me (1 song)
Apart From This----Another Day, Another Fight
Armed With Crayons----New Demo
Armed With Crayons----Saved By The Bell EP
Arms Length Away----Just My Luck EP
At The Edge----Small Town, Good Friends
At The Wall----Forever Young Split
Atlas On Strike----The Greatest Moments In Other People's Lives
Atlas On Strike----The World Will Fall
Atlas On Strike----This Is Life
Augustail----Augustail Demo
Autumn In Disguise----Bad Romance (Cover Lady Gaga)
Autumn In Disguise----See Me In Terror
Autumn Kills----When Pigs Wear Ties [EP]
Back To Now----Were Leaving The Future Behind Us - EP
Bad Heroes Academy----Kita Pasti Bisa (1 Song)
Bellwether----For Our Friend Mitch
Blitz Battalion----EP
Boy Saves Princess----Bears and Brightlights EP (1 song)
Boys No Good----Demo
Break My Day----Demo
Brigades----The Last Laugh
Bring Him Home----123 - Single
Bring Him Home----Demo
Bring It Home----Back On My Grizzly
Bring It Home----Del Mar (1 Song)
Bring It Home----Demo
Buddies Say  Ho !----When Summer Comes Back, Zombies Open Their Eyes
Bye Bye California----Demo
Call Off The Search----What Doesn't Kill Us
Call Your Own----Brand New Start
Call Your Own----Call Your Own
Can't Bear This Party----Ain't No Princess
Can't Bear This Party----Modern Factory EP
Can't Bear This Party----New Songs
Capstan----Heavy At Heart
Captain! Captain!----Robots And Rocketships Demo
Carousel Kings----A Slice Of Heaven
Carousel Kings----Here Comes Trouble
Carousel Kings----Speak Frantic
Carousel Kings----Vacations Single
Carson----Final EP
Carson----Forgive and Forget
Cast Ashore----No Money For Food (EP)
Casting Call----Life Goes On
Casting Call----Values - EP
Cereal Neutron----Demo
Challenges----Our Honest Opinion
Challenges----We Ruined The Neighborhood
Chances Are High----This Is What It Takes EP
Change of Plan----Year
Chunk! No Captain Chunk----Something for Nothing
Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!----Cum On (EP)
Citizen----Young States
City Lights----In It To Win It
City Lights----Rock Like A Party Star
Coming Clean----Drive Safe
Count The Hours----This Stands For Everything
Cowabunga!----Something Left to Prove
Cowabunga!----Summer EP
Dan McVey----Yay For Music! EP
Dance Your Way----Sanatasaaroda
Dead on the Dance Floor----This Has Just Begun
Dely Shane----Demo
Dies A Hero----Dies A Hero
Diez Veces Yo----Vivir Por Siempre [EP]
Dislexia----Asi Es Mejor
Do Your Worst----Take The Current
Don----Cero Pretension, Puro Corazon
Don----No es moda, Es mi vida... Siempre Positivo
Don----Nunca Un Paso Atras
Dorm Patrol----Big Apple, 3 Am
Earthworm----Winter Demo 2010
Elodie----Elodie EP
Everything you said----Una y otra vez
Fabulous Under Fire----Make It Happen
Facts of Life----Demo
Falling in Reverse----The Drug In Me Is You
Falling With Style----From Beneath The Trenchcoat
Far From Proper----Talk All You Want
Fera----AB IRATO - From The Anger Of A Man (EP)
Fight To Win----Demos
Fingers Crossed----As We Grow EP
Fingers Crossed----Dedos Crusados
Fingers Crossed----Semester Of Stress
Finish This Together----Demo
First Base----Kraken Wise EP
Five Kids Go!!----For The Glory Not Just Victory EP
Follow Your Hero----Lessons Learned EP
Foolish Pride----Wonderfool [EP]
For The Win----1 Song
For The Win----Break The Ice
For Those Who Know----Far From Finished EP
Fortune and Glory----And The Crowd Goes Wild
Fortune and Glory----Centurion
Fortune and Glory----Fortune and Glory
Founding Neverland----Decisions
Founding Neverland----Under Starry Night Skies [EP]
Four Short Of A Miracle----Under Wraps
Four Year Strong----Cavalier
Four Year Strong----Demo
Four Year Strong----Demo 2006
Four Year Strong----Enemy Of The World
Four Year Strong----Explains It All
Four Year Strong----Four Year Strong
Four Year Strong----In Some Way, Shape or Form
Four Year Strong----It's Our Time
Four Year Strong----Rise Or Die Trying
Four Year Strong----The Glory
Fourth & Ten----Album Sampler
Fourth & Ten----Trust Me On This One
Fourth And Ten----Taxi Cabs & City Lights
Freshman 15----Here's To Feeling Good
Freshman 15----Throw Up Your Hands for One Night Stands
From B To The Bit----Demo 2010
From B To The Bit----Detik Tersendiri (1 Song)
From Bedrooms To Backseats----Demo
From Dying Skies----The Lakeshore
From Here To Eternity----Brand New Start
From Square One----Demo
Gametime!----12 Hard Minutes
Get A Life----C Sick Single
Ghost Year----Ordeals
Glue Gun----Try Until You Die Demos
Glue Gun----We Could Be Heroes EP
Go Home Freshmen----So Far So Bad
Golden Gate----This Is Where It Starts
Goodnight Nurse----Always And Never
Handguns----Don't Bite Your Tongue
Handguns----Handguns & Forever Came Calling (Split)
Handguns----It's Better Late Than Never
Handguns----MMIX Summer Tour EP
Heart Of A Warrior----Everybody Roots For The Underdog Single
Heart Of A Warrior----If It Bleeds You Can Kill It
Hearts Of Gold----Demo
Here We Ghost----Old Habits Die Hard
Here's To The Heroes----Dear Ohio I'll Beat You If It Kills Me EP
Heroes Never Drown----Heroes Never Drown EP
Heroes Until Tomorrow----Not Here To Save The World (EP)
HESY----No Voy A Caer (1 Song)
HESY----Nuestra Atencion (1 song)
Hiding Out Loud----Let's Start Rumors
Hometown Heroes----Out With The Old
Hooligans----Heroes of Hifi
Hooligans----Heroes of Hifi EP
Hot Damn----Demo
Hot Damn----Rewards
Hot Damn----Tag Your Targets & Hot Damn (EP)
Hot Damn----This Weather Makes It Feel Like Home (EP)
I Am Villain----2010 Singles
I Am Villain----One Night, One Victim
I Know The Struggle----I Know The Struggle EP
In Her Own Words----Brand New Me
In Her Own Words----Demo
In Her Own Words----Taylor Dean Bnm (1Song)
In The Day----Demo
In The Day----Friends Foes And Failures
In Years To Come----Party in the U.F.O
Infinity Knives----The Way I Breathe
Inside the Target Car----Good Missiles, Good Manners, Goodnight
IntoXication----Kill Yourself And Go To Hollywood
iOninetyfour----The Things We Hold On To EP
Join Or Battle----Singel
July----July (EP)
July----The Best Nights EP
Just Getting By----Get Pumped EP
Kid Liberty----Fight With Your Fists
Kid Valiant----Hopeless
Kid Valiant----What Lurks Under the Bed
Kids Got Heart----Counting Stars EP
Kids Never Say Die----Demo
King Of Panda----Demo
King of Panda----Demo 2009
Knee Deep and Sinking----In the Pursuit of Awesomeness
Knockout Kid----The Callback [EP]
Knockout Kid----Wake Me Up When We're Underwater [SINGLE]
Knockout Kid----Your Name All Over It Preview
Laidback Legends----My Round (marsh)
Lakeview----For What It's Worth [EP]
Lakeview----Live Before You Die
Last Day Before Holiday----The Way Out
Last in Line----Last in Line
Last Out----Last Out (EP)
Latch Key----Demo
Latin For Truth----A Brand New Formula
Latin For Truth----Demo 2007
Latin For Truth----Diatribe Or Die! EP
Latin For Truth----Eleven Eleven
Latin For Truth----Kids Fighting Over Solos EP
Latin For Truth----Kill The Scene EP
Latin For Truth----There's a Castle and a Crown for Every Cockroach in Every Town
Latin For Truth----We Are Sick Of Not Having The Courage To Be Absolute Nobodies EP
Latin For Truth----Youth Crew Blues
Led To Victory----Going Through The Motions
Legend Has It----Makes You Jump EP
Legend Has It----No More Games EP
Lie Captive----Demo
Lili Champ----Vientos
Little League----Dream Upon a Dream (Single)
Littlefoot----3 Song Demo
Live The Story----Everything I Am
Live The Story----The Overcoming EP
Live The Story----We're In This Together EP
Living In Circles----Layton
Lose The Tie----Demo
Lost Hope----Tiempo de Actuar
Lost Years----This Year Brought Out The Worst In Me
Make The Years Last----The Cedars
Making Varsity----Just Explode EP Sampler
Me Vs Hero----Days That Shape Our Lives
Me Vs Hero----Me Vs. Hero EP
Me Vs Hero----This One's For Our Friend
Melrose----Let Me Remind You (EP)
Monkey Mongo----A Trip Down Memory Lane
Monkey Mongo----Climbing Peaks- Crossing Valleys
Morning Comes Early----Dark Clouds
Morning Comes Early----Spring EP
My Heart The Hero----MMXII
My Last Words----Take Me Home [EP]
Neighborhoods----Fighting Words (EP)
Next Time Around----Demo
No Nuts No Glory----First Things First
No Positivo----Hacia Adelante
Not Delusion----Familia Gigs
Not My Finest Hour----No One Likes You
Nothing To Prove----Pop Punk Destroyed My Life
Nurse Gives A Music----Lawan Dan Hadapi (1 Song)
O'Doyle Rules----Alligator Fuckhouse EP
Ok Kid!----Demo
Ok Kid!----Pode Crer
On Call Heroes----Brotherhood Sampler
On Call Heros----Brotherhood [Re-Release]
One Fell Swoop----Afraid to Leave the Stoop- Demo
One Fell Swoop----Hole in-EP
One More Go----It's My Night EP
One Thirteen----1 Song
Orange Hat Jenkins----Don't Call This An Anthem
Our Best Best----Old Best Bet
Our Glory Days!----Top Of The World
Our Life Story----Shorelines
Our Life Story----We've Got Something To Say (Demo)
Our Only Hope----Our Only Hope Demo
Outlook----Tony and the Cold War
Over The Top----Home Is Where Our Friends Are
Over The Top----Never A Night Alone
Overseas----O Captain! My Captain!
Paper Monsters----Strong Guys
Pick Up The Pieces----Demo
Pick Up The Pieces----The Beginning
Pick Up The Pieces----The Beginning Sample
Pick Your Weapon----4.72
Pick Your Weapon----Everywhere We Go, Things Fall Down
Pick Your Weapon----Five Weeks & Counting
Pick Your Weapon----March
Pilot Around the Stars----Pilot Around the Stars
PimpsNPimps----And We're Pretty Much Amazing The Pizza Remixes
Portland!----Portland! (EP)
Prove Them Wrong----Where The Wild Times Are Ep
Quite Game Starting Now----What's Rightfully Ours
Ride Your Rocket----Never Back Down Never Surrender!
Rise Or Die Trying----Fight EP
Road To Recovery----Road To Recovery EP
RockmiNi----We're Fucking Werewolves
Role Models----Old Songs
Role Models----This Means Something. This Is Important
Run For The Skylines----The Heart Shaped State
Rydell----Rydell E.P
Sail To North----1 song
Sail To North----Demos
Sail To North----Pictures From Youth
Same as Sunday----Anthems From a Standing Eight
Same as Sunday----Earn Your Stripes
Same as Sunday----The Dollar for Dollar EP
Saturday Sunrise----Without Melody EP
Scream Out Loud----Live It Up
Second Chance Exit----Is This Thing On
Second Time Around----Demo 2010
Segundo Plano----Si Tu Te Arriesgas, Ganas
Sell Your Sky----The Rebound (1Song)
Set The Pace----There's No I in Team
Set Your Goals----Burning At Both Ends
Set Your Goals----Mutiny!
Set Your Goals----Reset (EP)
Set Your Goals----Set Your Goals (Demo)
Set Your Goals----This Will Be The Death Of Us
SetTheTrend----Legally Obliged To Tell You +Bonus Track
Settle For Second----Settle For Second Masters
Seven Punch----Time Out!!
Sevenpunch----Por La Razon O La Fiesta!
Sharks!----Three For Free EP
Sharks----Holy Rip
Sharks----Show Of Hands
Shelbyville----Head Above Water
ShipWrecked In Suburbia----ShipWrecked In Suburbia - EP
Shot Memory----Brave EP
Shot Memory----Nostalgic
Sink Or Swim----Mine
Sit Down Strikes----Over The Years EP
Slay The Giant----2 Song
Sleepwalker----Sleepwalker (EP)
So Many Ways----Real Talk EP
So Many Ways----Self Titled
So Subtle So Sincere----1 song
State Champs----State Champs EP
Stop The Car----Demo
Stop The Car----We Will Unite - EP
Storm the Bay----By All Means
Storm The Bay----Hit The Ground Running EP
StoryBoard----Kill Your TV
StoryBoard----Tear This Down
Strike True----Fortune Favors The Brave
Strike True----The A-Team (1 song)
Strike True----Winter Demos (1 Song)
Strive For Normality----Home Plate
Strongheld----Winter Sessions 09-10
Stuck At Second----Time & Distance
Stuck By Story----Strong As A Wild Bear EP
Such A Mess----Times Like These (EP)
Such Gold----Misadventures
Such Gold----Pedestals EP
Such Gold----Stand Tall EP
Sunset Arms----Sunset Arms EP
Sunsets----Make It Happen [EP]
Sunsets----We're in this together
Tag Your Targets----Demo
Tag Your Targets----Destinations
Take Aim!----Fun For Us, Not For You
Take Notice----This Is Where We'll Stay Alive Single
Take Off----Demo 2010
Take Our Chances----Demo
Take Our Chances----We'll Fight Demo
Take These Days----Set Lasers To Kill
Taken The Coast----Demo
Taken The Coast----Here's To You EP
Talk Is Cheap----The Finer Things (EP)
Terra Firma----EP
The Bear Season----Do It EP
The Bear Season----This Is Not A Test
The Better Fight----Castaway EP
The Better Fight----Word Gets Around In This Small Town
The Bravest Kids----Break It, Fix It, Break It Again
The Crosstown Rivalry----History Is Just His Story EP
The Crosstown Rivalry----Pull Down The Sky  EP
The Dialed----We had our hands on the future (1 Song)
The Diary Of The Old Mango Tree----Demo
The Directive----I Hope This Helps [EP]
The Directive----Variety Pack!
The Downcast Rodeo----So deep as the oceans floor
The Fight Night----9-45pm-Style Points (1song)
The Fight Night----Fuck You! (Single)
The Fight Night----Wanna Fight About It
The Fire Lit Below Us----The Fire Lit Below Us EP
The Glass Menagerie----1 Song
The Glass Menagerie----The Glass Menagerie EP
The Heisman Hopefuls----Thirsty For Blood EP
The Heisman Hopefuls----VS. The World Demos
The Highlight Reel----A Promise Made In Frequencies
The Hit System----Rebuild and Relive
The Initiative----Chase What Matters Preview EP
The Linden Method----EP
The Linden Method----Things We Were
The Lost Boys Club----From Here On After
The Semester Review----How to Get to Third Base
The State Champs----Apparently, I'm Nothing
The Story So Far----Under Soil & Dirt
The Story So Far----What You Don't See
The Vegas Wake Up----3some
The Vegas Wake Up----No Turning Back EP
The Years Best----Demo
This Is Our Year----Demos
This Is Our Year----Identities (single)
This Is Our Year----Love American Style (1 Song)
This Time Around----Waves
This Time Next Year----A Place For You
This Time Next Year----Road Maps And Heart Attacks
This Years Finest----Once More Into The Breach Dear Friends
This Years Winner----Two Song Single
Three Cent Cinema----Ages
Three Cent Cinema----Get Fukt! EP
Three Cent Cinema----No Guts, No Glory
Throw The Heat----Take It Up With The Devil
Tiger Lily----From This...Into That
Till We Drop----Skyward [EP]
Till We Drop----The Summer Triangle
Till We Drop----Till We Drop
Times New Roman----Join The Fight
Times New Roman----Times New Roman Demo 2010
To The Sky----2 song
Together, We Fight----Get A New Hero
Traditions----3 Track Sampler
Trash The Dress----Lincoln's Boyhood Home EP
Trash the Dress----Why Do I Do the Things I Hate (EP)
Trophies----You Don't Belong Here EP
Tuesday's Too Late----Hope For The Best, Prepare For The Worst
United We Fall----A Trip Down Memory Lane EP
United We Fall----We Set Sail
Until The Last----My Last Feelings Sampler
Up And Atom----Growing Pains
Up And Atom----Up And Atom EP
Up In Arms----The Lions Inside Us E.P
UTKF----Takin' Out The Trash Edit
UTKF----Welcome To The Real World
Veritas----Bull Neck- EP
Waiting For Headlights----Demo
Waiting For Headlights----Smashdown EP
We Fell Fast----2011 EP
We Go Sailing----Demo
We Heart Katamari----Get Stoked!
We Set Signals----Break These Walls EP
We Stand Victorious----Demo
We Stand Victorious----Forever Down But Never Out
We Were Sharks----Highways
We're Not Worthy----Crack Of Dawn (1 song)
We're Not Worthy----Make Mine a Double (1 song)
What Say You----Potentials
When We Team Up----Not For Me, But For My Friends [EP]
Who Is Atlas----Its Not Peer Pressure Its Just Your Turn
Who Is Atlas----It's Not Peer Pressure- It's Just Your Turn
Who's Driving Bear's Driving!----There's No Easy Way To Say This
With Glowing Hearts----Hang in There
With Honors----A Great Place To Start EP
With the Punches----Keep it Going (EP)
With The Punches----Seams & Stitches
Without A Witness----Egg Whites & Early Nights
Worthwhile----Carry On Kid
WorthWhile----Hear Us Out Demo
WorthWhile----Miracle Me
WorthWhile----Not Fixed But Found EP
Wrong Way----Single
Yes Virginia----After Your Own Heart [EP]
Yes Virginia----The Past Was Practice EP
You Had Me At Hello----It's All About The He Says She Says Single
Your Weight In Gold----The Worst Of Both Worlds