Hardcore punk (or referred to simply as hardcore) is a punk rock music genre that originated in the late 1970s. Hardcore is generally faster, heavier, and more abrasive than regular punk rock. The origin of the term "hardcore punk" is uncertain. The Vancouver-based band D.O.A. may have helped to popularize the term with the title of their 1981 album, Hardcore '81.

Hardcore has spawned the straight edge movement and its associated submovements, hardline and youth crew. Hardcore was heavily involved with the rise of the independent record labels in the 1980s, and with the DIY ethics in underground music scenes. It has influenced a number of music genres which have experienced mainstream success, such as alternative rock, alternative metal, metalcore, thrash metal, emo and post-hardcore.

Hardcore sprouted underground scenes across the United States in the early 1980s particularly in Washington, D.C., California, New York/New Jersey, and Boston—as well as in Canada and the United Kingdom.

While traditional hardcore has never experienced mainstream commercial success, some of its early pioneers have garnered appreciation over time. Black Flag's album Damaged was included in Rolling Stone's list of The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time in 2003, and the Dead Kennedys have seen one of their albums reach gold status over a period of 25 years. Although the music started in English-speaking western countries, scenes have also existed in Brazil, Japan, Europe and The Middle East.

24-7----Desde El Centro Del Corazon.rar
108----Three Fold Misery.rar
108----Songs Of Separation.rar
108----One Path For Me Through Destiny.rar
108----Curse Of Instinct.rar
108----A New Beat From A Dead Heart.rar
1000 Miles Ahead----1000 Miles Ahead.rar
32FramesPerSecond----Hit The Ground Running.rar
2Fast4U----Keep Away From Children.rar
2Fast4U----Anniversary Collection.rar
7 seconds----The Better Youth Years.rar
25 Ta Life----25 Ta Life & Morning Again - Split EP.rar
25 Ta Life----25 Ta Life & Skarhead - Split EP.rar
25 Ta Life----25 Ta Life & Spazz (Split).rar
25 Ta Life----Best Of Friends Enemies.rar
25 Ta Life----Cut Throath.rar
25 Ta Life----Haterz Be Damned.rar
25 Ta Life----Live At Few Da Real.rar
25 Ta Life----Strength Integrity Brotherhood.rar
25 Ta Life----Friendship Loyalty Commitment.rar
25 Ta Life----Forever True Represent.rar
25 Ta Life----Strength Through Unity.rar
25 Ta Life----Keepin' It Real.rar
25 Ta Life----Hellbound Misery Torment.rar
25 Ta Life----Fallen Angel.rar
25 Ta Life----25 Ta Life.rar
25 Ta Life----25 Ta Life & Last Hope - Hellbound (Split).rar
25 Ta Life----25 Ta Life & In Search Of (Split).rar
69 segundos----Infectado con ideales vacios.rar
59 Times the Pain----Twenty Percent of My Hand.rar
59 Times the Pain----Music For HardcorePunx.rar
59 Times the Pain----End of the Millennium.rar
50 Lions----Nowhere To Run.rar
50 Lions----Down To Nothing & 50 Lions - Split.rar
50 Lions----Demo.rar
50 Lions----50 Lions EP.rar
40SLS----Take It To The Streets.rar
7 seconds----3 Chord Politics [Demo].rar
7 seconds----Good to Go.rar
7 seconds----The Music, The Message.rar
7 seconds----Alt.Music.Hardcore.rar
7 seconds----Scream Real Loud...Live!.rar
7 seconds----Out The Shizzy.rar
7 seconds----Soulforce Revolution.rar
7 seconds----Take It Back, Take It On, Take It Over.rar
7 seconds----The Better Youth Years.rar
7 seconds----Old School.rar
7 seconds----New Wind.rar
7 seconds----Walk Together, Rock Together.rar
7 seconds----The Crew.rar
7 seconds----Ourselves.rar
7 Generations----Die Young & 7 Generations - Split.rar
7 Generations----Demo.rar
7 Generations----7 Generations & Gather Split.rar
7 Balas al alma----Demo.rar
7 Angels 7 Plagues----UTDBATSF.rar
7 Angels 7 Plagues----Jhazmyne's Lullaby.rar
69 segundos----Plan b.rar
69 segundos----La ira de unos la burla de otros.rar
A.V.O----Fuck Positive Hardcore.rar
A Static Lullaby----Advance.rar
A Silent Fiction----This Silence Is Deafening (EP).rar
99Anger----Who Comes First.rar
99Anger----The Anger And The Sadness.rar
90 Raices----En La Misma Calle, Bajo El Mismo Cielo.rar
Adhesive----On a pedestal (ep).rar
Adhesive----From left to right.rar
Adhesive----Adhesive & Pridebowl - No Better, No Worse (Split).rar
Action Men----Upa A Baba.rar
ACK----Granada Drive-In.rar
Acao Direta----Massacre humano.rar
Acao Direta----Entre A Bencao E O Caos.rar
Abreast----Time To See.rar
Adrenalized----Vote for the Fake.rar
Adrenalized----Docet Umbra.rar
Adjusted----Defected sequence.rar
Aditive----Trilha Sonora Para Ninguem Especial.rar
Adhesive----We got the beat.rar
Adhesive----Prefab Life.rar
Afganistan Yeye's----No Es Que La Fama Ens Hagi Tornat.rar
After The Fall----Fort Orange.rar
After The Fall----First Evolve, Then Destroy!.rar
After The Fall----Everything.rar
After The Fall----Eradication.rar
After The Fall----Collar City.rar
AFI----Black Sails in the Sunset.rar
AFI----Black Sails (EP).rar
AFI----Behind The Times (EP).rar
AFI----Answer That and Stay Fashionable.rar
AFI----All Hallows (EP).rar
AFI----A History (Promo).rar
AFI----A Fire Inside.rar
AFI----A Fire Inside (EP).rar
AFI----I Heard A Voice (Live Arena Long Beach).rar
AFI----Heckle Split EP.rar
AFI----Girl's Not Grey.rar
AFI----Fly in the Ointment.rar
AFI----Eddie Picnics All Wet (7 Inch) (Vinyl).rar
AFI----Demos & Rarities (Compilation).rar
AFI----Crash Love.rar
AFI----Bombing The Bay Split.rar
AFI----Sing the Sorrow.rar
AFI----Shut Your Mouth and Open Your Eyes.rar
AFI----Radio Session.rar
AFI----Rabbits Are Road Kill On Route 37.rar
AFI----None track.rar
AFI----Miss Murder (Limited UK Edition).rar
AFI----Man in a Suitcase (Promo).rar
AFI----Key Lime Pie.rar
AFI----Just Like Heaven (Live) (Promo).rar
AFI----XFM Radio Session (Bootleg).rar
AFI----Very proud of Ya.rar
AFI----The Weight of Words (B-sides Collection).rar
AFI----The Days of the Phoenix (EP).rar
AFI----The Art of Drowning.rar
Agent Orange----Living in the Darkness.rar
Agent Orange----Everything Turns Grey [EP].rar
Agent Orange----El Dorado [EP].rar
Agent Orange----Bloodstains [EP].rar
Agent Orange----Blood Stainded Hitz.rar
Agent Orange----Bitchin Summer [EP].rar
Against the Wall----Identify Me.rar
Against the Wall----Demo.rar
Against the grain----Redline.rar
Against the grain----Mentiroso.rar
Agnostic Front----Dead Yuppies.rar
Agnostic Front----Cause For Alarm.rar
Agnostic Front----Another Voice.rar
Agent Orange----When you least expect it.rar
Agent Orange----Virtually Indestructible.rar
Agent Orange----This Is The Voice.rar
Agent Orange----Surfing To Some Fucked Up Shit (Greatest & Latest).rar
Agrotoxico----Estado De Guerra Civil.rar
Agrotoxico----Agrotoxico & Rasta Knast - Marcas de Revolta.rar
Agrotoxico----Agrotoxico & Flicts - Third World Jihad.rar
Agnostic Front----Working Class Heroes.rar
Agnostic Front----With Dropkick Murphys - Unity(Split Ep).rar
Agent Orange----Sonic Snake Session.rar
Agent Orange----Secret agent man ep.rar
Agent Orange----Real Live Sound.rar
Agnostic Front----Riot! Riot! Upstart.rar
Agnostic Front----Raw Unleashed.rar
Agnostic Front----Puro Des Madre.rar
Agnostic Front----One Voice.rar
Agnostic Front----My Life My Way.rar
Agnostic Front----Live At CBGB?s.rar
Agnostic Front----Live At CBGB's (MP3 DVD-Rip).rar
Agnostic Front----Liberty And Justice For.rar
Agnostic Front----Last Warning.rar
Agnostic Front----For My Family.rar
Agnostic Front----Warriors.rar
Agnostic Front----Victim In Pain.rar
Agnostic Front----United Blood.rar
Agnostic Front----Something's Gotta Give.rar
Aliento A Metadona----La Fragancia De La Muerte.rar
Airfax----Mas Rapido De Lo Que Piensas (EP).rar
Aktivna Propaganda----Krvavi Krog.rar
Aktivna Propaganda----Na rusevinah kapitalizma.rar
Aktivna Propaganda----Nepremaglijv Odpor, Neskoncna Borba, Neustavljav Revolucija.rar
AID----Terror starts at home.rar
AID----Live To Tell.rar
AID----Beyond Belief.rar
Angel Crew----Another Day Living In Hatred.rar
Anchors----Songs For Lily.rar
Anchors----Bad Juju.rar
Anchoress----Set Sail.rar
Anchor----First Year.rar
Anchor----Captivity Songs (EP).rar
Ambush----Heavy Artillery (EP).rar
Alltid Jaget----Du Synker Inn I Doden Mens Du Fortsatt Er I Live.rar
Allsttar Otis----Angst Into Energy.rar
All We Have----Rain City.rar
Antillectual----Start From Scratch!.rar
Antillectual----Silencing Civilization.rar
Antidrasi----Aima Stous Dromous 7''.rar
Another Year----Moments Don't Last.rar
Another Breath----The God Complex.rar
Another Breath----Mill City.rar
Anhelo----Tu Mirar.rar
Anhelo----En Los Ultimos Dias EP.rar
Anhelo----En Los Ultimos Dias EP.rar
Angel Crew----One Life, One Sentence.rar
Ataque periferico----Esperto que e esperto morre de velho.rar
Atomic Winter----Flesh And Blood.rar
Ashers----Kill Your Master.rar
Artigo19----Sangue Suor E Dedicacao.rar
Arruinado Pero Feliz----Un Nuevo Comienzo.rar
Army Of Ants----The Parting Gift EP.rar
Armageddon Clock----Past Present Future.rar
Armageddon Clock----Armageddon Macht Frei.rar
Anykey----In The Stream Of My Tears.rar
Avail----Over the james.rar
Avail----One Wrench.rar
Avail----live at the kings head inn.rar
Avail----live at the bottom of the hill in san francisco.rar
Avail----Front Porch Stories.rar
Avail----Attempt to regress.rar
Avail----4 am friday.rar
Avail----100 times.rar
Avail----Who's to say what stays the same.rar
Away From Now----Sic Semper Tyrannis.rar
Away From Now----Blackout.rar
Avenues & Silhouettes----Oh, How Welcoming Your Reflection.rar
Avenues & Silhouettes----Meteors.rar
B- token entry----From Beneath The Streets.rar
B.U.S.H----New American Century.rar
B.U.S.H----Buy Us Some Heroin.rar
Bandanos----We Crush Your Mind With The Thrash Inside.rar
Bam Bam Estas Muerto----Libros, Poesias Y Films.rar
Bam Bam Estas Muerto----Demo.rar
Bad.Brains----Soul Brains Live at Maritime Hall.rar
Bad Brains----Build A Nation.rar
Bad Brains----God.of.Love.rar
Bad Brains----Rock.For.Light.rar
Bad Brains----Rise.rar
Bad Brains----Quickness.rar
Bad Brains----I.against.I.rar
Better Than A Thousand----Value Driven.rar
Better Than A Thousand----Just One.rar
Bermuda----Before A Chain.rar
Beggars & Gentry----Abwarts.rar
Battle!----In Remission.rar
Barneys----Oppressed Feelings.rar
Bankrrota----Time To Change.rar
Bane----Tokyo 7-58AM (EP).rar
Bane----It All Comes Down To This.rar
Bane----Holding This Moment.rar
Blackspot----Check Out The Helmet.rar
Black SS----Terror Of The North East (2004-2007).rar
Black Line Grind----The Current Of Changes.rar
Black And Blue----Demo.rar
Bigwheel----Song's In The Key Of Incest.rar
Bigwheel----Sometimes Were Not Pieced Together Right.rar
Bigwheel----Frank EP.rar
Bigwheel----Demo - 1997-1998.rar
Beyond Pink----The New Black.rar
Brainworms----II Swear To Me.rar
Boy Sets Fire----This Crying, This Screaming, My Voice Is Born.rar
Blutrache----Divida De Sangue (Demo).rar
Blood for Blood----Serenity.rar
Blood for Blood----Revenge on Society.rar
Blood for Blood----Outlaw Anthems.rar
Blasting Enema----Promo.rar
Blank Stare----Demo.rar
Blank Stare----Blank Stare (LP).rar
Blank Stare----Blank Stare (EP).rar
Bullet Treatment----Designated Vol. 1 (EP).rar
Bulimia----Se Julgar Incapaz Foi o Maior Erro que Cometeu.rar
Brutal Youth----Spill Your Guts.rar
Broken Arm----What the hell [Ep].rar
Break Even----Young At Heart EP.rar
Break Even----The Bright Side.rar
Break Even----Break Even-Something More(Split).rar
Brat Pack----Stupidity Returns.rar
Brat Pack----Hate the Neighbours.rar
Brat Pack----Demotape.rar
Burn the past----Surviving the last days of autumn.rar
Burn Out----Out Of Time.rar
Burn At All----A l Abri D Nos Conneries.rar
Burn Alaska----Burn Alaska.rar
Bullet Treatment----The Mistake.rar
Chief----Apply Within.rar
Cambridge----This Is Not A Victory.rar
Cambridge----The Bricks.rar
Cambridge----A Growing Chorus Against.rar
By The Grace Of God----Perspective.rar
Coast Be Efies----Unfair So Far.rar
Coast Be Efies----Tributo Ao Reffer.rar
Coast Be Efies----Just Recognize.rar
Civil Victim----No False Hope.rar
CIV----Thirteen Day Getaway.rar
CIV----The Complete Discography.rar
CIV----Social Climber.rar
CIV----Set Your Goals.rar
Citizens Patrol----Sick Routine E.P.rar
Citizens Patrol----Self Titled.rar
Comadre----The Youth.rar
Comadre----More Songs About The Man.rar
Comadre----Mixtape Vol. 2.rar
Comadre----Mixtape Vol. 1.rar
Comadre----Burn Your Bones-Remastered.rar
Comadre----A Wolf Ticket.rar
Colossus----Without Warning.rar
Coldside----Five Knuckle Bullet.rar
Codia----Mala hierba nunca muere.rar
Codia----Dulce Apocalipsis.rar
Contrast Attitude----Apocalyptic Raw Assault.rar
Continuance----Carry Ourselves.rar
Concrete Cross----Demo.rar
Complot Soviet----Agitacion.rar
Comeback Kid----Wake The Dead.rar
Comeback Kid----Turn It Around.rar
Comeback Kid----Through The Noise.rar
Comeback Kid----Symptoms + Cures.rar
Comeback Kid----Demo.rar
Comeback Kid----Broadcasting.rar
Counteractive----Dead By Dawn.rar
Counteractive----Through It All.rar
COR----Seit ich die Menschen kenne, liebe ich Tiere.rar
COR----Freistil Kampfstil Lebensstil.rar
COR----Flustern Und Schreien.rar
COR----Cor + Crushing Caspars - Baltic Sea for life.rar
Copy Of A Copy----This Is It.rar
Copy Of A Copy----Lost Everything Do Anything [EP].rar
Crooked Ways----How To Break Hearts.rar
Crooked Ways----Crimes of Passion EP.rar
Crivits----The more the truth hurts… the more I learn about myself.rar
Crivits----Straighter Than You!.rar
Crivits----Eye to Eye.rar
Cunthunt 777----Demonstration in Blood.rar
Cunthunt 777----Death Penalty.rar
Cry Havoc----The Sly, the slick, the wicked.rar
Cry Havoc----Six Song E.P.rar
Cross Me----Drug Free Zone EP.rar
Critical Convictions----Crisis Of Modernity (EP).rar
Crack Del 29----Modus Operandi.rar
Cowabunga!----Summer EP.rar
D.O.A----Disco Sucks (Vinyl 7'').rar
D.O.A----Bloodied But Unbowed.rar
D.O.A----13 Flavours Of Doom.rar
D.O.A----Northern Avenger.rar
D.O.A----Let's Wreck The Party.rar
D.O.A----Last Scream Of The Missing Neighbors (with Jello Biafra).rar
D.O.A----Kings Of Punk, Hockey And Beer.rar
D.O.A----Jockey Club Cinc, OH (1985.07.26).rar
D.O.A----Jockey Club Cinc, OH (1984.04.14).rar
D.O.A----Hardcore '81.rar
D.O.A----Festival Of Atheists.rar
D.O.A----War And Peace.rar
D.O.A----True [North] Strong And Free.rar
D.O.A----Triumph Of The Ignoroids (EP).rar
D.O.A----The Prisoner (Vinyl 7'').rar
D.O.A----The Dawning Of A New Error (78-85).rar
D.O.A----The Black Spot.rar
D.O.A----Talk Minus Action Equals 0.rar
D.O.A----Something Better Change.rar
D.O.A----Portland, OR.rar
D.O.A----Peel Sessions BBC, UK.rar
D.O.A----Win The Battle.rar
D.O.A----War On 45 (EP).rar
D.B.F----So Full Of Lies.rar
Dangers----Dangers (EP).rar
Dangers----3 Song.rar
Daily Grind----Until the end.rar
Daggers----Daggers EP.rar
Daggermouth----Turf Wars.rar
Daggermouth----Behold The Might EP.rar
Death Before Dishonor----Count Me In.rar
Death Before Dishonor----Break Through It All [7 inch].rar
Dead Yuppies----Single 2007.rar
Dead Yuppies----Gdy Swiat To Za Malo.rar
Dead Yuppies----Demo 2006.rar
Dead Vows----Bad Blood.rar
Dead Patriots----The Benefits Of Acting On Your Own Responsibility.rar
Dead Hearts----No Love, No Hope.rar
Dead Hearts----Dead Hearts (EP).rar
Darasuum----Demo 2009.rar
Death Before Dishonor----True Till Death.rar
Death Is Not Glamorous----Undercurrents (EP).rar
Death Is Not Glamorous----Spring Forward.rar
Death Is Not Glamorous----Soft Clicks.rar
Death Is Not Glamorous----Demo 2005.rar
Death By Stereo----Death Is My Only Friend.rar
Death Before Dishonor----Wartime.rar
Death Before Dishonor----True Till Death [Re-Issue].rar
Death Before Dishonor----Our Glory Days.rar
Death Before Dishonor----Friends Family Forever.rar
Death Before Dishonor----Friends Family Forever [Re-Issue].rar
Defeater----Empty Days & Sleepless Nights.rar
Defeater----Dear Father.rar
Deep Sleep----Turn Me Off.rar
Debeli Precjednik----Through The Eyes Of The Innocent.rar
Death Threat----Lost At Sea.rar
Death Threat----For God & Government.rar
Death Punch----Is This The End.rar
Death Punch----Compilation.rar
Death Is Not Glamorous----Wide Eyes.rar
DJ & The Wootchyak----Scars.rar
District Divided----District Divided EP.rar
Dias De Um Futuro Esquecido----EP.rar
Desde Mi Dolor----Recuerdos Dificiles De Olvidar (EP).rar
Demokhratia----Bled El Petrole Takoul Lekhra.rar
Defloration----Angst EP.rar
Defeater----Lost Ground EP.rar
Dogwood----Reverse Then Forward Again.rar
Dogwood----More Than Conquerors.rar
Dogwood----Matt Aragon.rar
Dogwood----Live At Chain Reaction.rar
Dogwood----Good Ol' Daze.rar
Dogwood----Through Thick And Thin.rar
Dogwood----This Is Not A New Album.rar
Dogwood----Building A Better Me.rar
Doggy Hoods----Over Hyped, Over Hated.rar
Drowning Roses----Youth Of Metropolis.rar
Drowning Roses----Things Are Not The Same.rar
Drowning Roses----Drowning Roses & NoFX (Split).rar
Drowning Roses----Demo.rar
Drowning Roses----Aus Forschung Und Technik.rar
Donuts N' Glory----When Pregnasaurs Ruled The Earth.rar
E-620----Gefangnis aus Glas.rar
Eleven Thirty-Four----Reality Filter.rar
Eleven Thirty-Four----Nothing 7.rar
Eleven Thirty-Four----Idle Regression.rar
Eleven Thirty-Four----Dying 7'.rar
El Centro----Prohibido.rar
Edelweiss Piraten----Porad Dole.rar
Easy Way Out----Demo.rar
Earn Your Scars----The World Is Yours.rar
Endzweck----The Naked And The Dead.rar
Endzweck----The grapes of wrath.rar
Endzweck----Strange love or how those learned to stop worrying and love bombs.rar
Endzweck----A Farewell To Arms.rar
Endstand----The time is now.rar
Endstand----Hit and run.rar
Endstand----Burning Bridges.rar
Endpoint----In A Time Of Hate.rar
Endpoint----If The Spirits Are Willing.rar
Eye For An Eye----Cisza.rar
Explode And Make Up----Hellmouth & Explode And Make Up ( Split).rar
Explode And Make Up----Explode And Make Up.rar
Expect Nothing----The movie eatery.rar
Eu Serei a Hiena----Eu serei a hiena.rar
Ephen Rian----Spread My Wings EP.rar
Engrave----Your Share of It.rar
Endzweck----We are not pessimistic.rar
Farside----Keep My Soul Awake 7.rar
False Reality----Senta VS. NYC.rar
Facing Down----A Road Less Traveled.rar
Facing Down----Foolish Non-Believers.rar
Facing Down----No Offence Scorpio.rar
Face Forward----For Those Who Still Believe.rar
F-Minus----Wake up screaming.rar
F-Minus----Sweating Blood EP.rar
F-Minus----F-Minus & Leftover Crack(Split).rar
F-Minus----Suburban Blight.rar
F-Minus----Failed Society.rar
Final exit----Umea.rar
Final exit----Too late for apologies.ep.rar
Final exit----Teg.rar
Final Attack----Legitimate Threat.rar
Figli Di Alex----Never Betray This Friendship.rar
Ficha 39----A Toda Ostia.rar
Feeding The Fire----Hope Springs Eternal.rar
Feeding The Fire----Crusade (EP).rar
Fast Motion----Sailing To Nowhere.rar
Fast Forward----At The Peak.rar
Folletti del Bosco----Incognita.rar
Flatcat----So This is When We Grow Up.rar
Flatcat----Better Luck Next Time.rar
Five Victims Four Graves----Desperation Never Felt So Good.rar
Fistt----Viva - Ao vivo no Black Jack.rar
Fistt----Vendo as Coisas Como Voce.rar
Fistt----Pramim, Pranois, Proceis.rar
Fistt----Finais Iguais Historias Diferentes.rar
Fistt----Como fazer inimigos.rar
Fire At Will----Today Is Mine.rar
Forus----Coaliton & Hero of Our Time & Actionmen & Play Attenchon.rar
Forty Winters----The Honor Campaign.rar
For The Worse----The Chaos Continues.rar
For The Worse----For The Good, For The Bad, For The Worse.rar
For The Worse----Couldn't Give Two Shits About The Kids.rar
Food 4 life----Mais uma historia.rar
Food 4 life----Enjoy.rar
Folly----Resist Convenience.rar
Folly----Insanity Later.rar
Fuck You Heroes----We Will Show You How You Should Be.rar
Fuck You Heroes----I'm Nothing More Than Myself.rar
Fuck You Heroes----I'm Not Going To Become Like You.rar
Frontside Five----Fall Out of Line.rar
Friends Back East----Expiration.rar
Free Yon----Off.rar
Fredag Den 13e----Under Iskalla Fanor.rar
Forward----Forward Ep.rar
Forus----Aaron's Revolution.rar
Forus----Start From Zero [Ep].rar
Fugazi----The Argument.rar
Fugazi----Steady Diet Of Nothing.rar
Fugazi----Repeater + 3.Songs.rar
Fugazi----Red Medicine.rar
Fugazi----In On The Kill Taker.rar
Fugazi----End Hits.rar
Fugazi----13 Songs.rar
Go Rydell----The Golden Age.rar
Go It Alone----Histories.rar
Global Parasite----Memento Mori.rar
Get Real----Shore Style.rar
Geracao Ofensiva----Hard-core Sem Frescura.rar
Gather----Total Liberation.rar
Gather----The Struggle Continues.rar
Gather----Gather & 7 Generations (Split).rar
Gather----Beyond The Ruins.rar
G3----En Casa.rar
God So Loved The World----Demo.rar
GO!----Your Power Means Nothing (7 Inch).rar
GO!----Why Suffer (7 Inch EP).rar
GO!----What We Build Together.rar
GO!----Unsorted Tracks.rar
GO!----Total LP.rar
GO!----Root Canal (Live).rar
GO!----Rarities 1989-1991.rar
GO!----And the Time is Now... (7 Inch).rar
Good Clean Fun----Straight Outta Hardcore.rar
Good Clean Fun----Shoping For A Crew.rar
Good Clean Fun----Positively Positive 1998-2002.rar
Good Clean Fun----On The Streets Saving The Scene From The Forces of Evil.rar
Good Clean Fun----Crouching Tiger, Moshing Panda.rar
Good Clean Fun----Between Christian Rock And A Hard Place.rar
Golliwog----Shake Rattle And Rock.rar
Golliwog----Plague Allegiance.rar
Golliwog----More than Meets D.I.Y.rar
Golden Violence----Hate Has Come.rar
Government Warning----No Moderation.rar
Government Warning----Arrested.rar
Gorilla Biscuits----Start Today.rar
Gorilla Biscuits----Puzzle of 38 pieces.rar
Gorilla Biscuits----Original tape demo.rar
Gorilla Biscuits----Having a great time..wish you were here.rar
Gorilla Biscuits----Gorilla Biscuits.rar
Gordon Ivy & the Jaybirds----Happy Couples Never Last.rar
Good Intentions----Ate O Fim.rar
Good Clean Fun----Today The Scene Tomorrow The World.rar
Guerilla----Chapter IV. Emancipation.rar
Guerilla----A Call To Arms.rar
Ground Zero----Possess Me (EP).rar
Ground Zero----Last Goodbye.rar
Gross Misconduct----Unforgiving Sky EP.rar
Gray Ghost----Deep In The Shallow End.rar
Grave Maker----Home Is Where The Heartache Is.rar
Grave Maker----Demolition.rar
Grave Maker----Bury Me At Sea.rar
Government Warning----Paranoid Mess Lp.rar
Guerilla----Zona Antifascista.rar
Guerilla----Virus Macht.rar
Harbour 81----Live Your Dreams.rar
Happy Face----Rage vs Wisdom.rar
Happy Face----Le Tigre.rar
Hanover Saints----Truth Rings Out.rar
Hands Tied----Hands Tied.rar
H.D.Q----You Suck!.rar
H.D.Q----Hung, Drawn And Quartered.rar
H.D.Q----Believe EP.rar
Halo Of Snakes----Viper Letters and Murder Ballads.rar
Hero Of Our Time----Skumdum & Hero Of Our Time - 2 Sides Of The Story.rar
Hellratz----Operation Isolation.rar
Hear The Sirens----Demo.rar
Have Heart----You Can't Go Home Again.rar
Have Heart----What counts.rar
Have Heart----The Things We Carry.rar
Have Heart----Songs To Scream At The Sun.rar
Have Heart----Demo.rar
Horse The Band----A Natural Death.rar
Hook----This is how it ends.rar
Hook----Hoax or Hero.rar
Hook----Compiled Feelings.rar
Honolulu Breakdown----Terrible Hot Cardboard.rar
Holding On----Question What You Live For.rar
Hitman----Stories We Tell About the Flame We Use To Fee.rar
Hit The Switch----Spread The Disease.rar
Hit The Switch----Observing Infinites.rar
Hit The Switch----Domestic Tranquility & Social Justice.rar
Humble Opinion----Demo.rar
Horse The Band----The Mechanical Hand.rar
Horse The Band----Secret Rythm Of The Universe.rar
Horse The Band----R. Borlax.rar
Horse The Band----Pizza[EP].rar
Horse The Band----I Am A Small Wooden Statue On A Patch Of Crabgrass Next To A Dried Up Riverbed EP.rar
Horse The Band----Effing 69 Tour.rar
Horse The Band----Desperate Living.rar
Horse The Band----Demo.rar
Horse The Band----Beautiful Songs By Men (Summer Tour 2002).rar
Inferno----Tod Und Wahnsinn.rar
Hundred Inch Shadow----Rise and Fall.rar
In Remembrance----We'll Always Have The Memories.rar
In My Eyes----The Difference Between.rar
In My Eyes----Anthony Sings the Hits!.rar
Ignite----Our Darkest Days.rar
Ignite----A Place Called Home.rar
Ignite----Past Our Means EP.rar
Ignite----Scarred For Life.rar
Ignite----Call On My Brothers.rar
Ignite----In My Time EP.rar
I Shot Cyrus----Tiranus.rar
I Shot Cyrus----I shot cyrus & discarga.rar
I Object----Teaching Revenge.rar
Iron Mind----The Sun Has Set.rar
Inyectores----Fire Alarms EP.rar
Intenta Detenerme----Fastcore Fiesta.rar
Inquisition----Uproar Live and Loud!.rar
Inquisition----I Think It's Called Inspiration.rar
Juggling Jugulars----New Toys.rar
Juggling Jugulars----Juggling Jugulars & Enough! Split EP.rar
Juggling Jugulars----For humanity.rar
Jesus and the Fuckin' Miracles----Jesus Loves You EP.rar
Just Another Burp----Tropical-core.rar
Just Another Burp----The Real World.rar
Juggling Jugulars----Positively fed up!.rar
Kicked In----Tape 2nd mix.rar
Kicked In----Demo tape.rar
Ketesnuko----La Ribera Antifascista.rar
Ketesnuko----La Paz Del Poderoso.rar
Ketesnuko----Bombas Inteligentes.rar
Keep It Alive----Demo.rar
Kacttus----Lado A Lado.rar
Korak----Hardcore Menghujam Bumi.rar
Kon Bate----Demo.rar
Kombat----When Silence Makes You Deaf.rar
Komando----Tiempos de paniko.rar
Kodigo Civil----Tu Ira EP.rar
Kingdom----The Rage That Guides.rar
Kingdom----9 Lives.rar
Kill For Peace----Looking Up.rar
Kort Prosess----Svart Natt.rar
Kort Prosess----Kort Prosess 7.rar
Last Line Of Defense----Live.rar
Last Call For Lunch----Zero.rar
Lars Frederiksen----Viking.rar
Lars Frederiksen----Self Titled.rar
Landmines----Hell Is What You Make It EP.rar
Landmines----Commerce And Marx.rar
La Pelota y Que----Nada esta bien!.rar
L'Attentat----Made In GDR.rar
Lions Lions----Direction.rar
Life Scars----Life Scars.rar
Lets Grow----Years Between Gatherings.rar
Lets Grow----Oh My God, This Must Be a Promo.rar
Lets Grow----Neverending Story.rar
Lets Grow----Disease of Modern Times.rar
Let Me Out----I Think I Can.rar
Leisure Sports----Strength Through Diversity.rar
Leave It To Me----Start Again.rar
Last Line Of Defense----Live.rar
Lost Calavera----Lost Calavera.rar
Los Isotopos----Elite Punk Rerevisted.rar
Los Crudos----Discography.rar
Locked In----Walk The Plank.rar
Lockdown----Straight From The Heart.rar
Lions Lions----The Path We Take EP.rar
Lions Lions----From What We Believe.rar
Make Or Destroy----Oi! Oi! Oi! Make Or Destroy.rar
Make It Count----Leeway.rar
Mark My Words----Wasting Time...Pushing Buttons.rar
Maria Del Mal----Maria Del Mal.rar
Marginal Man----Marginal Man.rar
Marginal Man----Identity.rar
Marginal Man----Double Image.rar
Marching Goals----Don't Wanna Fall For Second Times.rar
Man The Change----Soviet Stallone.rar
Malazlar----Abolishing the Borders From Below.rar
Malainfluencia----Un Nuevo Amanecer EP.rar
Mala Influencia----Un Nuevo Amanecer.rar
Miles Away----Rewind, Repeat.rar
Miles Away----Miles Away.rar
Miles Away----Endless Roads.rar
Miles Away----Consequences.rar
Miles Away----Brainwashed.rar
Middle Class Trash----One Thing Left.rar
Mental----Planet Mental.rar
Mental----Get An Oxygen Tank.rar
Mental----And You Know This.rar
Misconduct----One Last Try.rar
Misconduct----New Beginning EP.rar
Misconduct----Misconduct & The Almighty Trigger Happy(Split).rar
Misconduct----Another Time.rar
Misconduct----A New Direction.rar
Misconduct----A Change.rar
Misconduct----United as one.rar
Misconduct----United As One.rar
Misconduct----Signed In Blood.rar
Misconduct----One step closer.rar
Minus Tree----Demo.rar
Mindset----Midnight Sky.rar
Milicia 34----De Pequennas Chispas Nacen Grandes Incendios.rar
Monster Squad----Strength Through Pain.rar
Mistake Us For Friends----Kill The Composer.rar
Mistake Us For Friends----Fashion Core EP.rar
Mistake Us For Friends----EP.rar
Mission Statement----Unnatural Selection EP.rar
MiSLeD----DisCovering Incarnation EP.rar
Murderer's Row----A Twelve Pack Of Brewtality.rar
Mouthgaurd----One More Round.rar
Mouth Sewn Shut----Pandemic = Solution.rar
Mouth Sewn Shut----Mouth Sewn Shut & Instant Asshole.rar
Mouth Sewn Shut----Doomed Future Today.rar
Mouth Sewn Shut----2009.rar
Mostaza----Tiempo De Revoludion.rar
Moral Dilemma----Right To Remain Silent.rar
Moral Dilemma----Agree To Disagree.rar
Monster----Way Too Late.rar
My Neverland----Good girls fall in love with bad boys.rar
Murderer's Row----Urban Shocker.rar
Murderer's Row----The Bully Breed.rar
Murderer's Row----Menace To Sobriety.rar
Murderer's Row----Beer Fueled Mayhem.rar
Naysayer----No Remorse.rar
Naysayer----My Own Demons Drag Me Down Everyday.rar
Nations On Fire----Strike The Match.rar
Nations On Fire----Strike The Match (Tape).rar
Nations On Fire----Death Of The Pro-Lifer.rar
National Product----National Product.rar
National Product----Luna.rar
New Pokerface----Act the Animal.rar
New Morality----Trapped.rar
New Morality----Fear of Nothing.rar
New Hope For Breakfast----What A Handsome Face Reissue.rar
New Hope For Breakfast----New Hope For Breakfast.rar
New Hope For Breakfast----Failure To Thrive.rar
Neue Katastrophen----Neue Katastrophen.rar
Nervous Light Of Sunday----Mabuta No Uragawa.rar
Nervous Light Of Sunday----Mabuta No Uragawa.rar
Nervous Light Of Sunday----Jakushinkoukei.rar
Nine Eleven----King for a Day, Ghost for a Lifetime.rar
Nine Eleven----City of Quartz.rar
Nihilist Cunt!----You're Next... [EP].rar
Nihilist Cunt!----Demo.rar
Night Fever----New Blood.rar
Nichiel's----J'ai Marche Parmi Les Zombies.rar
New Tomorrow----We're Counting On The Youth.rar
New Pokerface----Swingers EP.rar
New Pokerface----Another Day, Another Religion.rar
Objetivo Vizko----Gran Reseva.rar
Objetivo Vizko----Canalleo, Rocanrol y Jaleo, Vol.1.rar
Nowon----Nowon EP.rar
Nosebleed----Rise Of The Robots.rar
Nosebleed----I Was In A Subculture And All I Got Was This Lousy EP.rar
No Tolerance----Boston Straight Edge.rar
No Harm Done----No Harm Done & Offsides (Split).rar
No Friends----Traditional Failures.rar
No Friends----No Friends.rar
Nine Eleven----Use Your Desillusion.rar
On----Vital Times (7 Inch).rar
On Point----Look Me in the Eyes (Demo).rar
On My Side----Grow.rar
On A Solid Rock----Where Kids Don't Play (EP).rar
Olde Ghost----Use Yer Illusion 3'N'4.rar
Offsides----Offsides & Ripshit.rar
Offsides----It's A Struggle To Communicate (EP).rar
Off The Record----Remember When.rar
Off The Record----Nothing New [EP].rar
Outbreak----Only Crime and Outbreak (Split).rar
Outbreak----Eaten Alive.rar
Otvoreni Prelom----Live @ Zeppelin.rar
Option----Nuestra Familia EP.rar
Opposition----Better days & bad advice.rar
One Win Choice----Never Suspend Disbelief.rar
One Win Choice----Define, Redefine 7''.rar
One Win Choice----Conveyor.rar
One Eyed Jack----Mayday!.rar
Outlast----Take Control.rar
Outlast----Outlast Reveal The Truth.rar
Outlast----New Jersey Straight Edge.rar
Outbreak----You Make Us Sick.rar
Outbreak----Work To Death (Single).rar
Paranoiakolectiva----Tiempos De Lucha.rar
Petra de Fenetra----Todos rechazados.rar
Petra de Fenetra----Tipico pero cierto.rar
Petra de Fenetra----Homenaje a Petra de Fenetra.rar
Permanent----Sleeping EP.rar
Permanent----Sink Swim.rar
Peace is gun----Peace begun EP.rar
Path Of Decay----This Is Not An Advertisment For A Conspiracy Theory.rar
Pasmaters----Unload Your Pain.rar
Pasmaters----Seeing Through Hardcore.rar
Polar Bear Club----The Summer Of George.rar
Polar Bear Club----The Redder, The Better.rar
Polar Bear Club----Sometimes Things Just Disappear.rar
Polar Bear Club----Demo.rar
Polar Bear Club----Chasing Hamburg.rar
Poison the Well----The Tropic Rot.rar
Poison the Well----The Opposite from December.rar
Pohjasakka----Maailma Taynna Vihaa EP.rar
Plame----A Partir Daqui.rar
Piron Heron----Novo Dia EP.rar
Piron Heron----Mudaremos.rar
Pro-Pain----Prophets Of Doom.rar
Pro-Pain----No End In Sight.rar
Pro-Pain----Foul Taste Of Freedom.rar
Pro-Pain----Fistful Of Hate.rar
Pro-Pain----Contents Under Pressure.rar
Pro-Pain----Age Of Tyranny - The Tenth Crusade.rar
Pro-Pain----Act Of God.rar
Pro-Pain----The Truth Hurts.rar
Pro-Pain----Shreds Of Dignity.rar
Pro-Pain----Run For Cover.rar
Pro-Pain----Round 6.rar
Pro-Pain----Road Rage.rar
Prljavi Dripci---Svetli Dani.rar
Preying Hands----Through The Dark.rar
Radicus----The Bigger Noise (EP).rar
Punk Virus----Fiumi Di Rabbia.rar
Protestant----Antagonist EP.rar
Question Marks----Lontani Dal Mondo.rar
Question Marks----Late Night Response.rar
Radicus----Local Sessions EP.rar
Radicus----The Big Noise EP.rar
Raised Fist----You're not like me.rar
Raised Fist----Watch Your Step.rar
Raised Fist----Veil Of Ignorance.rar
Raised Fist----Stronger than ever.rar
Raised Fist----Sound Of The Republic.rar
Raised Fist----Ignoring The Guidelines.rar
Raised Fist----Fuel.rar
Raised Fist----Dedication.rar
Radio Off----Hace Falta Valor EP.rar
Retching Red----Get Your Red Wings.rar
Rest In Hate----Demo.rar
Ressurection----Self Tied.rar
Residentes----Ni Un Paso Atras.rar
Refusal Code----Slowly Surviving At Ludacris Speed.rar
Raw Power----You are the victim.rar
Rat Attack----Painkiller [EP].rar
Raising Compromise----We're Coming.rar
Riff-Raff----In a Hurry.rar
Rex Banner----The Good Times Are Killing Me.rar
Rex Banner----Rex Banner & Homewrecker (Split).rar
Reveal The Truth----Courage.rar
Retching Red----Scarlet Whore Of War.rar
Roll With the Punches----Roll With the Punches.rar
Rуtulo----A Luta.rar
Ritual----Beneath Aging Flesh And Bone.rar
Rise-Up----Death Inside.rar
Rise Against----Rise Against.rar
Rise Against----Fat Music Vol. VI Uncontrollable Fatulence.rar
Rise Against----Endgame.rar
Rise Against----Endgame (iTunes Bonus).rar
Rise Against----Appeal To Reason.rar
Rise Against----AOL Sessions Under Cover.rar
Rise Against----Rise Against & Face To Face (Split).rar
Rise Against----Revolutions Per Minute.rar
Rise Against----Ready To Fall.rar
Rise Against----Radio Revolution Acoustic Session.rar
Rise Against----Punk Goes Acoustic.rar
Rise Against----Prayer Of The Refugee (Promo).rar
Rise Against----Join The Ranks.rar
Rise Against----Grammatizator (Digital 45).rar
Rise Against----Generation Lost.rar
Rise Against----Transistor Revolt (Demo Ep).rar
Rise Against----This is Noise [EP].rar
Rise Against----The Unraveling.rar
Rise Against----The Sufferer & the Witness.rar
Rise Against----Siren Song Of The Counter Culture.rar
Rise Against----Rock Against Bush vol. 1.rar
Rust Belt Lights----The Truth About Us.rar
Rust Belt Lights----Long Gone EP.rar
Ruiner----Hell Is Empty [Explicit].rar
Rostok Vampires----Misery.rar
Ruberoidas----Live @ XI20.rar
Romantic Gorilla----Romantic Gorilla.rar
Romantic Gorilla----Romantic Gorilla & Romantic (Split ).rar
Samara Freaks Out----Demo.rar
Samantha Smith----Samantha Smith.rar
Sabertooth Zombie----And Your Fathers Are Dead In The Ground.rar
Section 8----Outlast & Section 8 - Split.rar
Section 8----Make Ends Meet.rar
Second Age----The Tides Have Turned.rar
Scream----Still screaming.rar
Scream----Count On Dim Direction.rar
Schichtvampir 15----Langweilig Tape.rar
Save The Embers----Substantial Progress EP.rar
Sangre----Aaaah.. Push It! Push It!.rar
Samuel Caldwell's Revenge----The Power To Consume Ourselves.rar
Samuel Caldwell's Revenge----Perdition & Samuel Caldwell's Revenge - No Backup Plan EP.rar
Sheer Terror----Just Can't Hate Enough.rar
Shannon Scam----Shannon Scam + Jugaa.rar
Shannon Scam----Shannon Scam + Everybody's Enemy.rar
Shannon Scam----Kill Monarchy Hail Anarchy.rar
Sex Vid----Sex Vid EP.rar
Sex Vid----Nests 7.rar
Sex Vid----Communal Living.rar
Selfish----Burning sensation.rar
Section 8----Throw a Spanner Into Works.rar
Section 8----Section 8.rar
Sick Fix----Demo.rar
Short Fuse----Burnout.rar
Short Fuse----Blight.rar
Short Answers----Self Titled.rar
Shook Ones----The Unquotable A.M.H.rar
Shook Ones----Sixteen.rar
Shook Ones----Shook Ones & Easel (Split EP).rar
Shook Ones----Facetious Folly Feat.rar
Shook Ones----End Of A Year (Split).rar
Shook Ones----Demo.rar
Sombulance----A Cynic's Response.rar
Softcore----Provifast 2.rar
So Much Hate----How We Feel.rar
So Much Hate----Blind Alley.rar
So Far Away----All Alone.rar
Snort----Did You Decide In Your Tomorrow.rar
Slap The Culture----Slap The Culture.rar
Smoke Blow----Smoke Blow & Tackleberry (Split).rar
Slaktattack----Biocrisis & Slaktattack Split Ep.rar
Sink Or Swim----Polaroids.rar
Sink Or Swim----Demo.rar
Speedball----Songs Of Defeat.rar
Spankies----End Of Transmissions EP.rar
Sotatila----Eka Demo.rar
Sometimes Go----EP.rar
Something Inside----You Will Feel It (7 Inch).rar
Something Inside----Something Inside (7 Inch).rar
Something Inside----Our Tracks.rar
Something Inside----New Steps And New Days (EP).rar
Something Inside----Lionheart.rar
Something Inside----Demo.rar
Spermbirds----Nothing Is Easy.rar
Spermbirds----Get Off The Stage (Live) (1 CD, 2CD).rar
Spermbirds----Family Values.rar
Spermbirds----Eating Glass.rar
Spermbirds----Dont Forget The Fun.rar
Spermbirds----Common Thread.rar
Spermbirds----Coffee, Hair And Real Life. Songs From '84-'91.rar
Spermbirds----A Columbus Feeling.rar
Speedball----Three Seconds EP.rar
Stars Burn Stripes----We Will Be Right Back.rar
Stars Burn Stripes----Stars Burn Stripes & Mighty Midgets (Split).rar
Stars Burn Stripes----Buy Now Pay Later.rar
Stand In Defense----When The World Flips.rar
Stand Fast----Challenges.rar
Stack----Demo Tape.rar
Spermbirds----Thanks (Live).rar
Spermbirds----Something To Prove.rar
Spermbirds----Shit For Sale.rar
Spermbirds----Set An Example.rar
Step Right In----Glory Moments of Your Past.rar
Step Back----Demo 2K7.rar
Steel Nation----Forever Wounded.rar
State of Mine----State Of Mine & The Octopussys (Split).rar
State of Mine----Geargrinder EP.rar
State Of Mine----Accelerate!.rar
Starts----Symphonies Of Chaos.rar
Starts----Nutzt die Nacht.rar
Startoday----Illusion EP.rar
Startoday----Another Chance.rar
Strike A Match----Demo (2011).rar
Strength For A Reason----SFAR.rar
Strength For A Reason----Burden Of Hope.rar
Straightline----No Way Out.rar
Straight Faced----Conditioned.rar
Stolen Youth----Unconscious In Orthodox.rar
Stolen Youth----Dark Century.rar
Stolen Bikes Ride Faster----Winning Hearts And Blowing Minds EP.rar
Stolen Bikes Ride Faster----Winning Hearts and Blowing Minds EP.rar
Stolen Bikes Ride Faster (arezzo)----Nothing Has Changed EP.rar
SxFxTxC----God Bless SxFxTxC.rar
Sworn Enemy----Total World Domination.rar
Svartenbrandt----Sista Dan' I Rampljuset.rar
Surge Of Fury----In My Tox City.rar
Suburban Mutilation----The Opera Aint Over Til The Fat Lady Sings.rar
Strike The Balance----Cities of dust.rar
Strife----Self Titled.rar
Strife----One Truth.rar
Strife----My Fire Burns On.rar
Strife----In This Defiance.rar
Tackleberry----Call Me Green.rar
Tackleberry----Tackleberry EP.rar
Tackleberry----Reinventing Appetite For Destruction.rar
Tackleberry----Vulcano EP.rar
Tear It Up----Tear It Up (7 Inch).rar
Tear It Up----Taking You Down With Me.rar
Tear It Up----Nothing To Nothing.rar
Tear It Up----Just Can't Stand It.rar
Tear It Up----Demo.rar
Talk Is Poison----Rage To Infinity.rar
Talk Is Poison----Condensed Humanity.rar
Take It Back----Rumors of Revolt.rar
Take It Back----Can?t Fight Robots.rar
Take It Back----Atrocities.rar
The Cold Harbour----EP.rar
The Brat Attack----Those Who Sow Sorrow Shall Reap Rage.rar
The Awake----The Awake.rar
The Action Taken----What I've Seen.rar
Thanx 4 All The Shoes----Celebrating Falsity.rar
Terveyskeskus----Pimeys EP.rar
Terrorize Kids----History Repeats Itself.rar
Terror----The Damned The Shamed.rar
Terror----Blood Tracks Demos [EP].rar
Tentacles Of Destruction----Demo.rar
The Holybuttons----Being The Movie.rar
The Hoax----Fight To Be Free.rar
The Fiend----The Brutal Truth.rar
The Escaped----The Escaped.rar
The Escaped----Escaped Generation EP.rar
The Easykill----Love Juice.rar
The Disappeared----Bridges.rar
The Compliance Process----The Compliance Process.rar
The Comes----Power Never Die.rar
The Cold Harbour----Long Road Blues (EP).rar
The mingers----Passion not fashion.rar
The Lobotomies----Drink, Pass Out, Repeat.rar
The Lobotomies----Big Bang Hangover.rar
The Killing Flame----Another breath.rar
The Johnsons----So I Says To The Guy.rar
The Johnsons----Gypsies For Life.rar
The Insurgence----The Insurgence.rar
The Insurgence----Never Surrender.rar
The Insurgence----Lost EP.rar
The Hypodermix----Battle For A Generation.rar
The Rites----Fuck Em If They Can't Take A Joke (EP).rar
The Rebel Spell----Four Songs About Freedom.rar
The Rebel Spell----It's A Beautiful Future.rar
The Rebel Spell----Expression In Laymens Terms.rar
The Prevaricators----Snubculture.rar
The Prevaricators----No Kidding.rar
The Prevaricators----Jihad.rar
The Prevaricators----Detente.rar
The Nasty----Graves.rar
The Missing 23rd----The Powers That Be.rar
The Missing 23rd----Ctrl+Alt+Del.rar
Thought Crusade----Demo.rar
Thought Crusade----Common Man.rar
Thought Crusade----Burning Fight (Demo).rar
Third Bike Wheel----Consolation prize.rar
The Varukers----Nothings Changed (2004).rar
The Varukers----Murder-Nothings Changed.rar
The Varukers----Killing Myself To Live.rar
The Varukers----Another Religion Anothe War.rar
The Twisted Minds----Airchitects.rar
The Summer Obsession----Allegiance To the Fire.rar
Three Fifteen----Sunset (EP).rar
Thoughtless Action----Long Lost (EP).rar
Thoughtless Action----Demo.rar
Thoughtless Action----Demo (EP)(2004).rar
Thought Explode----This City's Burning.rar
Thought Crusade----It's Our War.rar
Thrice----The Alchemy Index Vols. III & IV Air & Earth.rar
Thrice----Come All You Weary + B-Sides [EP].rar
Thrice----Best Buy CD Sampler.rar
Thrice----Acoustic At OCRegister.rar
Thrice----The Alchemy Index Vols. I & II Fire & Water.rar
Thrice----Red Sky [EP].rar
Thrice----Live At The House Of Blues.rar
Thrice----Island Records (Promo).rar
Thrice----Image Of The Invisible (7 Inch).rar
Thrice----If We Could Only See Us Now [EP].rar
Thrice----Identity Crisis.rar
Thrice----First Impressions [EP].rar
Thrice----Eclipse-BONUS VINYL TRACK.rar
Toxic Narcotic----Were all doomed.rar
Touched By Nausea----EP#2.rar
Total Disgrace----Demo.rar
Tiny-Y-Son----Embracing Uncertainty.rar
Tiny-Y-Son----Conversation Zero.rar
Throwdown----Throwdown & Good Clean Fun - X-Mas Split.rar
Time Of My Life----Social Life Is Overrated.rar
Thrice----Thrice Christmas Songs [EP].rar
Thrice----The Illusion Of Safety.rar
Thrice----The Artist In The Ambulance.rar
Twenty Fighters----Esta Es Mi Guerra.rar
Try To Win----All Is Illusion.rar
True Believers----De Corazуn.rar
Troubled Coast----Letters.rar
Tropiezo----Tropiezo & La Armada Roja - Mal Caribe (Split).rar
Tripdash----I'm Not The Artist.rar
Trioxin 245----The Underworld Ep.rar
Trash Talk----Walking Disease.rar
Trash Talk----Shame.rar
Toxic Orgasm----Politically Erect.rar
Twisted Minds----Neo Dogmas.rar
Twisted Minds----Ambitions And Disillusions (Fall).rar
Twisted Minds----Airchitects.rar
Unit 21----Death Stripes.rar
Unit 21----Brainshred.rar
Union Made----Hard grace.rar
Ungunst----Wit Im Bauch.rar
Undertow----At Both Ends.rar
Ulster----Aperte O Gatilho.rar
Uzbeks----Goggles And Flipflops.rar
W kilku slowach----Jedna Scena Jedna Sciema.rar
Violent Arrest----Minute Manifestos.rar
Verse----From Anger and Rage.rar
Vanguard----The Calm.rar
Valium----Sala Uno.rar
Valium----Antisocial EP.rar
When Thieves are About----Summer Ep.rar
When Thieves Are About----Challenger Ep.rar
We Will Fly----Your Darkness Shows Us The Light.rar
We Will Fly----Bangarang.rar
Waterweed----Who The Fuck Do You Think You Are EP.rar
Waterweed----Killing the Earth means our Suicide.rar
Wasted Bullets----Sistemos Apgautas.rar
Walk Proud----Rip.rar
Walk Proud----One More Time.rar
Walk Proud----Be Yourself.rar
Wolfgang Lotz----Epoch Victim EP.rar
Wlochaty----Wbrew Wszystkiemu.rar
With Honor----This is Our Revenge.rar
Wiseheimer----None The Wiser.rar
Wiseheimer----Industrial Retribution.rar
Winslow----Last Is The New First.rar
Winslow----Easy Access CDR EP.rar
Whitman----Prawdziwi Wladcy Pradu.rar
Whitman----Ostateczny Agument.rar
X-State Ride----Against Me.rar
xInerZia----A Volar.rar
xDeviantx----My Choice [EP].rar
X-State Ride----X-State Ride & Waiting For Better Days (Split).rar
X-State Ride----The Great Rebirth.rar
Yuppicide----Fear Love.rar
Yuppicide----Dead Man Walking.rar
Yuppicide----Anthology '88 - '98.rar
Younger Years----The Death of Steve Rogers EP.rar
Younger Years----Beer Necessities.rar
You Vandal----Scene Stealers Ep.rar
Yuppicide----Live at AKW Wurzburg.rar
Zobux----Selective Deafness.rar
Zinc----Old Mundo Punk!.rar
Zartako----Primero Nosotros.rar