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Добавлено около 400 альбомов - It added about 400 albums

2nd Class Substitutes----a warning - demo
2nd Class Substitutes----Dead End Street
2nd Class Substitutes----Demo
4 le Fanz----Das hat man heute
Abandin All Hope----Final Act Of Selflessness
Abstьrzende Brieftauben----Doofgesagte leben lдnger
Against Me!----Shape Shift With Me
Against The Odds----Let Friends Be Friends
Agent 51----Just Keep Runnin'
Agent 51----Red Alert
Agent 51----The Red & The Black
Agentmind----Pride & Shame
Alien Office----Alien Office
Alkayata----Nadie Sentira Pena
All the Hats----Uno a Uno
Amdamdes----Guten Morgen Deutschland
AmDamDes----Koks & Nutten
AmDamDes----Totet den Clown [Demo]
Amor Gillette----EP1
Anti-Flag----American Spring
Anti-Flag----Cease Fires
Anti-Flag----Live Acoustic At 11th Street Records
Anti-Flag----Sky Is Falling 10-inch
Anti-Nowhere League----The Cage
Artigo 21----Self-titled
Arzua25----Bienvenidos a la Resistencia
Arzua25----Mentiras y Piedras (maqueta)
Arzua25----Que hablen las calles
Bad Flip----H.I.T
Bad Religion----True North
Basement Benders----Lydiad
Beatsteaks----23 Singles
Beatsteaks----7 Songs MAG
Betontod----Ich Bereue Nichts
Big Mouth----Letters For A Princess
Bigwig----An Invitation To Tragedy
Bigwig----Bigwig & Glasseater (Split)
Bigwig----Bigwig (7 Inch)
Bigwig----Stay Asleep
Bigwig----Un-Merry Melodies
Blisterhead----Tumbling Down
Bombshell Rocks----This Time Around (EP)
Bouncing Souls----Simplicity
Box-47----Sigam-Me Os Loucos
Brkovi----Torzo Dade Topica
Bullet Bane----Chumbo
Bullet Bane----New World Broadcast (Deluxe)
Bullet Bane----We Took Off
Buried Cities----The Good Fight
Burning Heads----Bad Time For Human Kind
Burning Heads----Be One With The Flames
Burning Heads----Burning Heads
Burning Heads----Dive
Burning Heads----Opposite
Burning Heads----Opposite 2
Burning Heads----Taranto
Burning Heads----Incredible Rock Machine (Split)
Burning Heads----The Weightless Hits
Captain Angst And The Deadly Divers----Kein Parkplatz Vor Aldi
Contingent Anonyme----Ad Gloriam
Contingent Anonyme----L'aventure De La Rue EP
Corazones Muertos----Corazones Muertos - New York Sessions
Crying Nut----Our Nation
Crying Nut----FLAMING NUTS
Darkbuster----No Revolution
Dead Shakes----Dead Shakes
Death By Horse----This Too Shall Pass
Descendents----Hypercaffium Spazzinate
Deutsche Trinkerjugend----Alle Meine Freunde
Die Brullmucken----Fakalsprache
Dirt Box Disco----Bloonz
Dirt Box Disco----Legends
Dirt Box Disco----Only In It For The Money
Dirty Fonzy----Hangover & Broken Dreams
Dirty Fonzy----Here We Go Again
Dirty Fonzy----Riot In The Pit
Dirty Fonzy----Underground City
Dog Food Five----My Degeneration
Dog Food Five----Teenage Alzheimer
Down Memory Lane----Recycled Punk Rockers EP
Drongos For Europe----Who's Got The Power
Dumb And Dumber (D.A.D)----Fast Food Ep
Dumb And Dumber (D.A.D)----Nuevo Ep
E.F.I.X.----Maschere (EP)
East End Radicals----Zero Hour
EmuChicken----More Than Human
Erieza Royal And The Summary Lynch----Onna No Dokuritsu Sengen
Etilikos----Acustik Subversiva
etilikos----etiliks alcoholik club
ETILIKOS!!----Paren de mamar vol. 1
Face To Face----Big Choice
Face To Face----Don't Turn Away
Face To Face----Face To Face
Face To Face----How To Ruin Everything
Face To Face----Ignorance Is Bliss
Face To Face----Live
Face To Face----Over It (EP)
Face To Face----Protection
Face To Face----Reactionary
Face To Face----So Why Aren't You Happy (EP)
Face To Face----Standards & Practices
Fahnenflucht----Angst und Empathie
Fahnenflucht----The Incredible
Max Ether----Fairhaven & Max Ether Split
Frakaso Social----Arar en el mar
Frenzal Rhomb----A Man's Not A Camel CD
Frenzal Rhomb----Coughing Up A Storm CD
Frenzal Rhomb----Meet  The Family CD
Frenzal Rhomb----Not So Tough Now CD
Frenzal Rhomb----Once A Jolly Swagman, Always A Jolly Swagman CD
Frenzal Rhomb----Shut Your Mouth CD
Frenzal Rhomb----We Lived Like Kings (The Best Of Best)
Frenzal Rhomb----We're Going Out Tonight CDS
Future Virgins----Late Republic
Future Virgins----Western Problems
Gatillazo----Como Convertirse en Nada
Give You Nothing----Your Revolution
Global Discontent----Russian roulette survivors
Glue Gun----Just Glu It
Glue Gun----The Scene Is Not for Sale
Golpe De Ajo----Legado De La Rata
Golpe De Ajo----Musika Armada
Good 4 Nothing----GREATEST HITS!?
Good4Nothing----Raise Your Hope
Good vs Evil----Fryday The 13th
Good vs Evil----Yeah...That Just Happened!
Green Day----Insomniac (Japan Edition)
Grindhouse----Crazy Pussy
Guerilla Poubelle----Amor Fati
Guerilla Poubelle----C'est Pas Comme Si C'Etait La Fin Du Monde
Charly Fiasco----Guerilla Poubelle + Charly Fiasco
Butter Beans----discographie 2000 - 2004
Guerilla Poubelle----Il Faut Repeindre Le Monde...En Noir
Guerilla Poubelle----Inferno EP
Guerilla Poubelle----Live Goeland
Guerilla Poubelle----Ninjas & Guerilleros
Guerilla Poubelle----Punk=Existentialisme
Guerrilha----Sangue, Lagrima e Suor
Guttermouth----Got It Made
H2O----All We Want (EP)
Dropkick Murphys----This Is The East Coast! ...Not La!
Hipogrifos----Version MP3
Hipshot Killer----They Will Try to Kill Us All
Hollow-Lies----Forte Nei Denti  EP 2016
Hollow Lies----Vuote Bugie EP (2013)
Incertidumbre Rock----Politikamente korrecto
In-Sekten----Kein Leben fur Einzelganger, ЕР
Inseminacni Stanice----Pravde se koukni do oci
Iron Chic----Demo '08
Iron Chic----Iron Chic / Low Culture- Split EP
Iron Chic----Split N' Shit
Iron Chic----Spooky Action
Iron Chic----Ys
JD & The FDcs----Anatomy Of A Wolf
Jorgovani----Pusteni s`lanca
Jorgovani----Zbogom majko odvede me kurva
Kalibre 38----La Resurreccion
Kollisionskurs----Egal was kommt
Krang----Baddest Brain
KRANG----Split Chernoville/Krang
Kuro!----Ever Before
Kuro!----Find Your Way
Kuro!----Forever Friends
Les Barneurs----Enregistrements Divers
Little Toe----Devil in disguise
Loadstar----Nothing To Lose [EP]
Loser Points----Buncha Bangers
Loser Points----Can I Borrow A Geodude
Loser Points----Does Loser Points Come Here Often?
Lost Boyz Army----Dreh Es Auf
Lost On Broadway----Rebellious Hell
Maid Of Ace----Maid In England
Maid Of Ace----Maid Of Ace
MALAS  DROGAS----Bombas de Odio
Malas Drogas----Viva la muerte
Malos Vicios----Al mal tiempo... mala cara
Malosvicios----Circo absurdo
Malos Vicios----El dia menos pensao
Malos Vicios----La ventana indiscreta
Malos Vicios----Por amor al arte
Malos Vicios----Ruido de fondo
Masked Intruder----Love and Other Crimes
Me fritos and the gimme cheetos----Refritos
Millencolin----True Brew
Millencolin----True Brew (Maxi Single)
Moment 22----Advanced Class of Fucking Up
Moment 22----Catch!
Mortal Kombat----Besprekorna Pobeda
Mostrich----Zum Mitnehmen, Bitte!
Mr. Anderson----Hearoin
Mr. Anderson----Mexican Standoff
Mr. Anderson----The Fog
Mufasa Ozora----Hauptsache wann
MxPx----Life In General (re-recorded)
No Me Gusta Perder----Demo
No Nipples----No Babies Allowed
Bitume----Split (EP)
Nobili----No Esta Todo Dicho
Nofnog----At Death's Door
NOFX And Friends----Home Street Home: Original Songs from the Shit Musical
Not On Tour----Bad Habits
NRA----Access Only
NRA----Is This For Real?
On The Job----A Bag Full Of Brew
One 80 Down----Lifer
Os Thompsons----30 Minutos bastam
Os Thompsons----A essa hora da noite
Os Thompsons----Arquivos Perdidos
Os Thompsons----Me Leve a Mal
Os Thompsons----O Movimento!!!
Os Thompsons----Os Thompsons
Os Thompsons----Punkadaria
Os Thompsons----Tudo tem seu tempo
Pain Relief----Another White Trash EP
Pain Relief----Bring The Remedy
Pain Relief----PR07
Pain Relief----Storm On A Rise
Papada de Pus----De Vuelta a la Revuelta
Papada de Pus----Maketa + EP 2012-2013
Pass Away----Hey Death
Pass Away----Sink Your Hooks In
Patй de pato----Mбs Gьenos que el Pank!
Perro Kostra----Direkto a la kara!
Perro Kostra----Nos echaron del local
Perro Kostra----Perro Kostra - Maketa
Piratenpapst----Der schwarze Fleck
Piratenpapst----Hisst Die Flagge
Pirates Of The Pubs----Demo '12 EP
Pirates Of The Pubs----Drunken Forever
Psychopunch----Bursting Out Of Chucky's Town... [2CD Remaster, 2008]
Psychopunch----Bursting Out Of Chucky's Town... [2CD Remaster, 2008] (Bonus CD)
Psychopunch----Death By Misadventure
Psychopunch----Death By Misadventure (Bonus CD)
Psychopunch----Kamikaze Love Reducer
Psychopunch----Moonlight City
Psychopunch----Moonlight City (Bonus CD)
Psychopunch----Original Scandinavian Superdudes [2CD Remaster, 2008]
Psychopunch----Original Scandinavian Superdudes [2CD Remaster, 2008] (Bonus Live-CD)
Psychopunch----Death By Misadventure
Psychopunch----Smashed On Arrival
Psychopunch----Sweet Baby Octane
Psychopunch----The Last Goodbye
Psychopunch----The Pleasure Kill [2CD Remaster, 2008]
Psychopunch----The Pleasure Kill [2CD Remaster, 2008] (Bonus CD)
Psychopunch----W.A.J.A.W.A.H.W.I.S.D. [Reissue, 2007]
Psychopunch----W.A.J.A.W.A.H.W.I.S.D. [Reissue, 2007] (CD2 - 333 Half As Evil (Demo '98))
Pumpkins Cage----Rage & Love
Radical Radio----Es tiempo
Radio 911----Tout ira mieux
RadioCrimen----3er Grado
Rancid----Radio Radio Radio (EP)
Riccobellis----We Are On A Mission
Riots----It Will Never Change
River Jumpers----Chapters
River Jumpers----River Jumpers EP
River Jumpers----Words, Chords & Irony EP
Rogers----Nichts Zu Verlieren
Running Like Lions----Elephant Supersoul EP
Saatanan kojootti----Lahikuva silmasta
Sandy Cervix----A kick in the nads
Sandy Cervix----Sandy Crangus
Sartenazo Cerebral----Actividades Extraescolares
Screeching Weasel----Baby Fat Act 1
Segismundo Toxicomano----Ahora O Nunca .?.?.
Sense Deficiency----Will Think for Braincells EP
Serum114----Die Nacht Mein Freund (2CD Mediabook)
Serum114----Die Nacht Mein Freund (2CD Mediabook)
Serum 114----Kopfuber Im Club (CD1)
Serum 114----Kopfuber Im Club (CD2)
Shaka----Supply and Command
Shaka----The Big Twist
Shatterhand----The Solitude Of Prime Numbers
Sick On The Bus----Music For Losers EP
Sink Alaska----Battle Lines From Better Times EP (WEB-Rip)
Sink Alaska----Sink Alaska
Sink Alaska----The Path of Least Resistance EP
Skatter Brainz----Deadly Force EP
Small Arms Dealer----Patron Saint Of Disappointment
SMZB----The Chinese Are Coming
Solar Damage----Just Watching?
Soldados de Deus----Andar de Skate - Ep
Spin-Off----Making Friends EP
SquilibrioS----SquilibrioS EP
SYSTEMO----Existenzminimum (5 Jahre SYSTEMO)
SYSTEMO----Pornostar - Maxi
T.H.U.G.----Split 7'' (2011)
Terrorgruppe----Tiergarten (Exclusive Amazon Edition)
The Adolescents----Manifest Density
The Basement Benders----St Ep
The Beggar Belief----Debut EP 2015
The Bouncing Souls----Simplicity
The Cryptics----Continuous New Behavior
The Cryptics----Make Me Digital
The Damn Givers----Enemies Party
The Explosion----Flash Flash Flash
The Friday Prophets----My Storms To Conquer EP
The Fuck Off And Dies----Dear Liver
The Functional Citizens----Suit Up!
The Holy Kings----Can You Hear Me
The Holy Kings----Can You Hear Me
The Holy Kings----Can You Hear Me
The Holy Kings----Losing The Bond To Society
The Holy Kings----Time is Money (2009)
The Liarla----pagando sus errores
The Montell Jordans----Sweater Puppies
The One----Splitter
The Other----Fear Itself
The Restless----Bombs For Freedom
The Secludes----Blue EP
The Secludes----Four Song EP
The Secludes----Good Luck at Life
The Secludes----Unreleased Demo Tracks
The Sensitives----Dogs On The Run
The Terraces----Empire
The Terraces----The Terraces
The Z.G.s----The Z.G.s
Twenty2----Keepin' Busy
Twenty2----Still Busy
Ultrahazard & Skizzwhores----Running With Skizzwhores
Unantastbar----Fluch & Segen
Unantastbar----Gegen Die Stille
Unantastbar----Hand aufs Herz
Unantastbar----Niemals wie ihr
Under My Feet----Adelanto LP 2013
Under My Feet----Cambiando el destino
Under My Feet----Demo 2009
Underminded Youth----Underminded Youth
Vacek Bez Macek----Demo Z Mackami (EP)
Vacek Bez Macek----Freak Romantik
Vacek Bez Macek----Volume 2
Vanna Inget----Ingen Botten
VPV----Zase na dne
WAH' 77----BET ON IT
Wanima----Are You Coming
Wanima----Can Not Behaved!!
Wanima----Think That... EP
WarmCans----Le Talent
White Sparrows----Sound der Generation
Zephyr 21----Album Acoustique Volume 1
Zephyr 21----Album de reprises volume 1
Zephyr 21----Bikinis, Complots & Gros Calibres
Zephyr 21----Dinosaures
Zephyr 21----L'EPc4lypse 2012
Zephyr 21----Nom d'un Cactus !
Zephyr 21----Nom d'un cactus ! (Reedition 2011)
Zephyr 21----Best Of Volume 1
Zombiesuckers----From Ashes
Zombiesuckers----Space Mutants

пятница, 7 октября 2016 г.

Siberian Meat Grinder feat Вася В. (Кирпичи)----Стиль

Siberian Meat Grinder feat Distemper----Пламя в Груди (Fire In The Heart)

Mufasa Ozora----Bei Hyуres

Party Like Its...----Clockwork Lover

Betontod----Keine Popsongs

Betontod----Entschuldigung für Nichts

Stray Bullets----“Knife For The Pusherman“

Ниже Пояса----В порыве

K-Man The 45s----I Dont Mind

Sum 41----Live 2016 Full Show HD - Impressive Light Show - The Green Cabaret Festival