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4get me not----Mamo zabierz mnie do Zimbabwe
A Day To Remember----And Their Name Was Treason
A Day To Remember----Attack Of The Killer B-Sides
A Day To Remember----Homesick (Retail)
A Day To Remember----Old Record
A Day To Remember----What Separates Me From You
A Face For Radio----2 song
A Face For Radio----E.P. Phone Home
A Hero's Fate----Terms And Conditions
A Run For Your Money----Hide Your Daughters And Kill Your Sons
A Shipwreck A Castaway----No Strangers to Struggle EP
A Week of Sundays----Awaken Me
A Week Of Sundays----Dirt & Glitter Single
Abandon The Skies----Wait For The Summer EP
Abandoned by Bears----Bear-sides EP
Above the Underground----Singles
Acid Street----2-Track Demo 2010
Act As One----Bone To Be Radical
Act As One----My Own Worst Enemy (Lit Cover)
Act As One----No Looking Back
Act As One----The Goodtimes
Act As One----Two New Songs
After Tonight----1 song
Aliston Road----Altitudes
All Hands On Deck!----Demos
All Hands On Deck!----The Things You'll Miss The Most (1 Song)
All Heart----All Heart EP
All Heart----Slumber Party EP
All Heart----There's No Place Like Home
All Is Fleeting----The Better Route Demo 2008
All It's Worth----Shipwreck Single
All Out Best----All We Are! EP
All Out Best----Demo
All Systems Go----You Wont Be My Anchor EP
All We Are----Things That Matter
Almost Critical----ACFTW! Demo
Almost Hopeless----Sweeping Changes EP
Almost Hopeless----The stronger We hit, the longer We stand
Anchor Me Down----Demo 2011
Anchorman----The Old Songs
And After----Acima das Derrotas, Abaixo das Vitуrias
Annamora----Not Time To Me (1 song)
Apart From This----Another Day, Another Fight
Armed With Crayons----New Demo
Armed With Crayons----Saved By The Bell EP
Arms Length Away----Just My Luck EP
At The Edge----Small Town, Good Friends
At The Wall----Forever Young Split
Atlas On Strike----The Greatest Moments In Other People's Lives
Atlas On Strike----The World Will Fall
Atlas On Strike----This Is Life
Augustail----Augustail Demo
Autumn In Disguise----Bad Romance (Cover Lady Gaga)
Autumn In Disguise----See Me In Terror
Autumn Kills----When Pigs Wear Ties [EP]
Back To Now----Were Leaving The Future Behind Us - EP
Bad Heroes Academy----Kita Pasti Bisa (1 Song)
Bellwether----For Our Friend Mitch
Blitz Battalion----EP
Boy Saves Princess----Bears and Brightlights EP (1 song)
Boys No Good----Demo
Break My Day----Demo
Brigades----The Last Laugh
Bring Him Home----123 - Single
Bring Him Home----Demo
Bring It Home----Back On My Grizzly
Bring It Home----Del Mar (1 Song)
Bring It Home----Demo
Buddies Say  Ho !----When Summer Comes Back, Zombies Open Their Eyes
Bye Bye California----Demo
Call Off The Search----What Doesn't Kill Us
Call Your Own----Brand New Start
Call Your Own----Call Your Own
Can't Bear This Party----Ain't No Princess
Can't Bear This Party----Modern Factory EP
Can't Bear This Party----New Songs
Capstan----Heavy At Heart
Captain! Captain!----Robots And Rocketships Demo
Carousel Kings----A Slice Of Heaven
Carousel Kings----Here Comes Trouble
Carousel Kings----Speak Frantic
Carousel Kings----Vacations Single
Carson----Final EP
Carson----Forgive and Forget
Cast Ashore----No Money For Food (EP)
Casting Call----Life Goes On
Casting Call----Values - EP
Cereal Neutron----Demo
Challenges----Our Honest Opinion
Challenges----We Ruined The Neighborhood
Chances Are High----This Is What It Takes EP
Change of Plan----Year
Chunk! No Captain Chunk----Something for Nothing
Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!----Cum On (EP)
Citizen----Young States
City Lights----In It To Win It
City Lights----Rock Like A Party Star
Coming Clean----Drive Safe
Count The Hours----This Stands For Everything
Cowabunga!----Something Left to Prove
Cowabunga!----Summer EP
Dan McVey----Yay For Music! EP
Dance Your Way----Sanatasaaroda
Dead on the Dance Floor----This Has Just Begun
Dely Shane----Demo
Dies A Hero----Dies A Hero
Diez Veces Yo----Vivir Por Siempre [EP]
Dislexia----Asi Es Mejor
Do Your Worst----Take The Current
Don----Cero Pretension, Puro Corazon
Don----No es moda, Es mi vida... Siempre Positivo
Don----Nunca Un Paso Atras
Dorm Patrol----Big Apple, 3 Am
Earthworm----Winter Demo 2010
Elodie----Elodie EP
Everything you said----Una y otra vez
Fabulous Under Fire----Make It Happen
Facts of Life----Demo
Falling in Reverse----The Drug In Me Is You
Falling With Style----From Beneath The Trenchcoat
Far From Proper----Talk All You Want
Fera----AB IRATO - From The Anger Of A Man (EP)
Fight To Win----Demos
Fingers Crossed----As We Grow EP
Fingers Crossed----Dedos Crusados
Fingers Crossed----Semester Of Stress
Finish This Together----Demo
First Base----Kraken Wise EP
Five Kids Go!!----For The Glory Not Just Victory EP
Follow Your Hero----Lessons Learned EP
Foolish Pride----Wonderfool [EP]
For The Win----1 Song
For The Win----Break The Ice
For Those Who Know----Far From Finished EP
Fortune and Glory----And The Crowd Goes Wild
Fortune and Glory----Centurion
Fortune and Glory----Fortune and Glory
Founding Neverland----Decisions
Founding Neverland----Under Starry Night Skies [EP]
Four Short Of A Miracle----Under Wraps
Four Year Strong----Cavalier
Four Year Strong----Demo
Four Year Strong----Demo 2006
Four Year Strong----Enemy Of The World
Four Year Strong----Explains It All
Four Year Strong----Four Year Strong
Four Year Strong----In Some Way, Shape or Form
Four Year Strong----It's Our Time
Four Year Strong----Rise Or Die Trying
Four Year Strong----The Glory
Fourth & Ten----Album Sampler
Fourth & Ten----Trust Me On This One
Fourth And Ten----Taxi Cabs & City Lights
Freshman 15----Here's To Feeling Good
Freshman 15----Throw Up Your Hands for One Night Stands
From B To The Bit----Demo 2010
From B To The Bit----Detik Tersendiri (1 Song)
From Bedrooms To Backseats----Demo
From Dying Skies----The Lakeshore
From Here To Eternity----Brand New Start
From Square One----Demo
Gametime!----12 Hard Minutes
Get A Life----C Sick Single
Ghost Year----Ordeals
Glue Gun----Try Until You Die Demos
Glue Gun----We Could Be Heroes EP
Go Home Freshmen----So Far So Bad
Golden Gate----This Is Where It Starts
Goodnight Nurse----Always And Never
Handguns----Don't Bite Your Tongue
Handguns----Handguns & Forever Came Calling (Split)
Handguns----It's Better Late Than Never
Handguns----MMIX Summer Tour EP
Heart Of A Warrior----Everybody Roots For The Underdog Single
Heart Of A Warrior----If It Bleeds You Can Kill It
Hearts Of Gold----Demo
Here We Ghost----Old Habits Die Hard
Here's To The Heroes----Dear Ohio I'll Beat You If It Kills Me EP
Heroes Never Drown----Heroes Never Drown EP
Heroes Until Tomorrow----Not Here To Save The World (EP)
HESY----No Voy A Caer (1 Song)
HESY----Nuestra Atencion (1 song)
Hiding Out Loud----Let's Start Rumors
Hometown Heroes----Out With The Old
Hooligans----Heroes of Hifi
Hooligans----Heroes of Hifi EP
Hot Damn----Demo
Hot Damn----Rewards
Hot Damn----Tag Your Targets & Hot Damn (EP)
Hot Damn----This Weather Makes It Feel Like Home (EP)
I Am Villain----2010 Singles
I Am Villain----One Night, One Victim
I Know The Struggle----I Know The Struggle EP
In Her Own Words----Brand New Me
In Her Own Words----Demo
In Her Own Words----Taylor Dean Bnm (1Song)
In The Day----Demo
In The Day----Friends Foes And Failures
In Years To Come----Party in the U.F.O
Infinity Knives----The Way I Breathe
Inside the Target Car----Good Missiles, Good Manners, Goodnight
IntoXication----Kill Yourself And Go To Hollywood
iOninetyfour----The Things We Hold On To EP
Join Or Battle----Singel
July----July (EP)
July----The Best Nights EP
Just Getting By----Get Pumped EP
Kid Liberty----Fight With Your Fists
Kid Valiant----Hopeless
Kid Valiant----What Lurks Under the Bed
Kids Got Heart----Counting Stars EP
Kids Never Say Die----Demo
King Of Panda----Demo
King of Panda----Demo 2009
Knee Deep and Sinking----In the Pursuit of Awesomeness
Knockout Kid----The Callback [EP]
Knockout Kid----Wake Me Up When We're Underwater [SINGLE]
Knockout Kid----Your Name All Over It Preview
Laidback Legends----My Round (marsh)
Lakeview----For What It's Worth [EP]
Lakeview----Live Before You Die
Last Day Before Holiday----The Way Out
Last in Line----Last in Line
Last Out----Last Out (EP)
Latch Key----Demo
Latin For Truth----A Brand New Formula
Latin For Truth----Demo 2007
Latin For Truth----Diatribe Or Die! EP
Latin For Truth----Eleven Eleven
Latin For Truth----Kids Fighting Over Solos EP
Latin For Truth----Kill The Scene EP
Latin For Truth----There's a Castle and a Crown for Every Cockroach in Every Town
Latin For Truth----We Are Sick Of Not Having The Courage To Be Absolute Nobodies EP
Latin For Truth----Youth Crew Blues
Led To Victory----Going Through The Motions
Legend Has It----Makes You Jump EP
Legend Has It----No More Games EP
Lie Captive----Demo
Lili Champ----Vientos
Little League----Dream Upon a Dream (Single)
Littlefoot----3 Song Demo
Live The Story----Everything I Am
Live The Story----The Overcoming EP
Live The Story----We're In This Together EP
Living In Circles----Layton
Lose The Tie----Demo
Lost Hope----Tiempo de Actuar
Lost Years----This Year Brought Out The Worst In Me
Make The Years Last----The Cedars
Making Varsity----Just Explode EP Sampler
Me Vs Hero----Days That Shape Our Lives
Me Vs Hero----Me Vs. Hero EP
Me Vs Hero----This One's For Our Friend
Melrose----Let Me Remind You (EP)
Monkey Mongo----A Trip Down Memory Lane
Monkey Mongo----Climbing Peaks- Crossing Valleys
Morning Comes Early----Dark Clouds
Morning Comes Early----Spring EP
My Heart The Hero----MMXII
My Last Words----Take Me Home [EP]
Neighborhoods----Fighting Words (EP)
Next Time Around----Demo
No Nuts No Glory----First Things First
No Positivo----Hacia Adelante
Not Delusion----Familia Gigs
Not My Finest Hour----No One Likes You
Nothing To Prove----Pop Punk Destroyed My Life
Nurse Gives A Music----Lawan Dan Hadapi (1 Song)
O'Doyle Rules----Alligator Fuckhouse EP
Ok Kid!----Demo
Ok Kid!----Pode Crer
On Call Heroes----Brotherhood Sampler
On Call Heros----Brotherhood [Re-Release]
One Fell Swoop----Afraid to Leave the Stoop- Demo
One Fell Swoop----Hole in-EP
One More Go----It's My Night EP
One Thirteen----1 Song
Orange Hat Jenkins----Don't Call This An Anthem
Our Best Best----Old Best Bet
Our Glory Days!----Top Of The World
Our Life Story----Shorelines
Our Life Story----We've Got Something To Say (Demo)
Our Only Hope----Our Only Hope Demo
Outlook----Tony and the Cold War
Over The Top----Home Is Where Our Friends Are
Over The Top----Never A Night Alone
Overseas----O Captain! My Captain!
Paper Monsters----Strong Guys
Pick Up The Pieces----Demo
Pick Up The Pieces----The Beginning
Pick Up The Pieces----The Beginning Sample
Pick Your Weapon----4.72
Pick Your Weapon----Everywhere We Go, Things Fall Down
Pick Your Weapon----Five Weeks & Counting
Pick Your Weapon----March
Pilot Around the Stars----Pilot Around the Stars
PimpsNPimps----And We're Pretty Much Amazing The Pizza Remixes
Portland!----Portland! (EP)
Prove Them Wrong----Where The Wild Times Are Ep
Quite Game Starting Now----What's Rightfully Ours
Ride Your Rocket----Never Back Down Never Surrender!
Rise Or Die Trying----Fight EP
Road To Recovery----Road To Recovery EP
RockmiNi----We're Fucking Werewolves
Role Models----Old Songs
Role Models----This Means Something. This Is Important
Run For The Skylines----The Heart Shaped State
Rydell----Rydell E.P
Sail To North----1 song
Sail To North----Demos
Sail To North----Pictures From Youth
Same as Sunday----Anthems From a Standing Eight
Same as Sunday----Earn Your Stripes
Same as Sunday----The Dollar for Dollar EP
Saturday Sunrise----Without Melody EP
Scream Out Loud----Live It Up
Second Chance Exit----Is This Thing On
Second Time Around----Demo 2010
Segundo Plano----Si Tu Te Arriesgas, Ganas
Sell Your Sky----The Rebound (1Song)
Set The Pace----There's No I in Team
Set Your Goals----Burning At Both Ends
Set Your Goals----Mutiny!
Set Your Goals----Reset (EP)
Set Your Goals----Set Your Goals (Demo)
Set Your Goals----This Will Be The Death Of Us
SetTheTrend----Legally Obliged To Tell You +Bonus Track
Settle For Second----Settle For Second Masters
Seven Punch----Time Out!!
Sevenpunch----Por La Razon O La Fiesta!
Sharks!----Three For Free EP
Sharks----Holy Rip
Sharks----Show Of Hands
Shelbyville----Head Above Water
ShipWrecked In Suburbia----ShipWrecked In Suburbia - EP
Shot Memory----Brave EP
Shot Memory----Nostalgic
Sink Or Swim----Mine
Sit Down Strikes----Over The Years EP
Slay The Giant----2 Song
Sleepwalker----Sleepwalker (EP)
So Many Ways----Real Talk EP
So Many Ways----Self Titled
So Subtle So Sincere----1 song
State Champs----State Champs EP
Stop The Car----Demo
Stop The Car----We Will Unite - EP
Storm the Bay----By All Means
Storm The Bay----Hit The Ground Running EP
StoryBoard----Kill Your TV
StoryBoard----Tear This Down
Strike True----Fortune Favors The Brave
Strike True----The A-Team (1 song)
Strike True----Winter Demos (1 Song)
Strive For Normality----Home Plate
Strongheld----Winter Sessions 09-10
Stuck At Second----Time & Distance
Stuck By Story----Strong As A Wild Bear EP
Such A Mess----Times Like These (EP)
Such Gold----Misadventures
Such Gold----Pedestals EP
Such Gold----Stand Tall EP
Sunset Arms----Sunset Arms EP
Sunsets----Make It Happen [EP]
Sunsets----We're in this together
Tag Your Targets----Demo
Tag Your Targets----Destinations
Take Aim!----Fun For Us, Not For You
Take Notice----This Is Where We'll Stay Alive Single
Take Off----Demo 2010
Take Our Chances----Demo
Take Our Chances----We'll Fight Demo
Take These Days----Set Lasers To Kill
Taken The Coast----Demo
Taken The Coast----Here's To You EP
Talk Is Cheap----The Finer Things (EP)
Terra Firma----EP
The Bear Season----Do It EP
The Bear Season----This Is Not A Test
The Better Fight----Castaway EP
The Better Fight----Word Gets Around In This Small Town
The Bravest Kids----Break It, Fix It, Break It Again
The Crosstown Rivalry----History Is Just His Story EP
The Crosstown Rivalry----Pull Down The Sky  EP
The Dialed----We had our hands on the future (1 Song)
The Diary Of The Old Mango Tree----Demo
The Directive----I Hope This Helps [EP]
The Directive----Variety Pack!
The Downcast Rodeo----So deep as the oceans floor
The Fight Night----9-45pm-Style Points (1song)
The Fight Night----Fuck You! (Single)
The Fight Night----Wanna Fight About It
The Fire Lit Below Us----The Fire Lit Below Us EP
The Glass Menagerie----1 Song
The Glass Menagerie----The Glass Menagerie EP
The Heisman Hopefuls----Thirsty For Blood EP
The Heisman Hopefuls----VS. The World Demos
The Highlight Reel----A Promise Made In Frequencies
The Hit System----Rebuild and Relive
The Initiative----Chase What Matters Preview EP
The Linden Method----EP
The Linden Method----Things We Were
The Lost Boys Club----From Here On After
The Semester Review----How to Get to Third Base
The State Champs----Apparently, I'm Nothing
The Story So Far----Under Soil & Dirt
The Story So Far----What You Don't See
The Vegas Wake Up----3some
The Vegas Wake Up----No Turning Back EP
The Years Best----Demo
This Is Our Year----Demos
This Is Our Year----Identities (single)
This Is Our Year----Love American Style (1 Song)
This Time Around----Waves
This Time Next Year----A Place For You
This Time Next Year----Road Maps And Heart Attacks
This Years Finest----Once More Into The Breach Dear Friends
This Years Winner----Two Song Single
Three Cent Cinema----Ages
Three Cent Cinema----Get Fukt! EP
Three Cent Cinema----No Guts, No Glory
Throw The Heat----Take It Up With The Devil
Tiger Lily----From This...Into That
Till We Drop----Skyward [EP]
Till We Drop----The Summer Triangle
Till We Drop----Till We Drop
Times New Roman----Join The Fight
Times New Roman----Times New Roman Demo 2010
To The Sky----2 song
Together, We Fight----Get A New Hero
Traditions----3 Track Sampler
Trash The Dress----Lincoln's Boyhood Home EP
Trash the Dress----Why Do I Do the Things I Hate (EP)
Trophies----You Don't Belong Here EP
Tuesday's Too Late----Hope For The Best, Prepare For The Worst
United We Fall----A Trip Down Memory Lane EP
United We Fall----We Set Sail
Until The Last----My Last Feelings Sampler
Up And Atom----Growing Pains
Up And Atom----Up And Atom EP
Up In Arms----The Lions Inside Us E.P
UTKF----Takin' Out The Trash Edit
UTKF----Welcome To The Real World
Veritas----Bull Neck- EP
Waiting For Headlights----Demo
Waiting For Headlights----Smashdown EP
We Fell Fast----2011 EP
We Go Sailing----Demo
We Heart Katamari----Get Stoked!
We Set Signals----Break These Walls EP
We Stand Victorious----Demo
We Stand Victorious----Forever Down But Never Out
We Were Sharks----Highways
We're Not Worthy----Crack Of Dawn (1 song)
We're Not Worthy----Make Mine a Double (1 song)
What Say You----Potentials
When We Team Up----Not For Me, But For My Friends [EP]
Who Is Atlas----Its Not Peer Pressure Its Just Your Turn
Who Is Atlas----It's Not Peer Pressure- It's Just Your Turn
Who's Driving Bear's Driving!----There's No Easy Way To Say This
With Glowing Hearts----Hang in There
With Honors----A Great Place To Start EP
With the Punches----Keep it Going (EP)
With The Punches----Seams & Stitches
Without A Witness----Egg Whites & Early Nights
Worthwhile----Carry On Kid
WorthWhile----Hear Us Out Demo
WorthWhile----Miracle Me
WorthWhile----Not Fixed But Found EP
Wrong Way----Single
Yes Virginia----After Your Own Heart [EP]
Yes Virginia----The Past Was Practice EP
You Had Me At Hello----It's All About The He Says She Says Single
Your Weight In Gold----The Worst Of Both Worlds