пятница, 14 апреля 2017 г.

Скоро / Soon

Daily Routine----Follow The Jackass
Dakidarria----A diskordia nas Rias Baixas
Dakidarria----El Futuro Nunca Existiу
Dakidarria----Fragasaurus rex
Dakidarria----Realidades alienantes
Dakidarria----Utopias Emergentes
Dallax----Beat Chips
Dallax----Big Proud
Dallax----Feel Your Reality
Dallax----Glowin' Radiation
Dallax----Heart Storming
Dallax----Stop The Time (singl)
Dallax----Tokyo Rude Vibration
Dallax----Too Bad To Be True
Daltonicos----La Salsa con La Que Seras Comido
Daltonicos----La Salsa Con La Que Seras Comido
Toh Kay----You By Me: vol. 1
Dance Hall Crashers----Blue Plate Special
Dance Hall Crashers----Honey, I'm Homely!
Dance Hall Crashers----Lockjaw
Dance Hall Crashers----Purr
Dance Hall Crashers----The Live Record
Dance Hall Crashers----The Old Record (1989-1992)
Dawsons Crack----Silly Symphonies
Day By Day----Demo
Day Labor----Their Old Stuff
Day Nineteen----13 Legs
A Guy Named Guy----Terminals Split
D-Cent Jerks----D-Cents Jerks
D-Cent Jerks----Dead and Buried (EP)
D-Cent Jerks----Demo
D-Cent Jerks----Panic State (EP)
D-Cent Jerks----Self Awareness
D-Cent Jerks----Tear Ourselves Apart (Single)
DCMS----Live from Blairstown
DCMS----Get Fuck'd EP
De Hardheid----De Nodige Hardheid
De Hardheid----Onze Jongens
De Lindows----100 mil na sekunde
De Lindows----Depresja
De Lo Pior----Demo
De Ruths----Echo Fur Alle
De Ruths----Schonschonschon
Dead Legends----Lunga
Decoy 47----ANTI-RUC EP
Decoy 47----(Live Giros 06/2002)
Decoy 47----Premix Demo 2009
Decoy 47----She's A Rocket
Decoy 47----Skins EP
Dedicated to----Pixton boy in trouble
Dedicated to----Pixton Unicorn
Definitivni Ententyk----Desat mrtvych vevericiek
Definitivni ententyk----...hovori CML
Definitivni ententyk----Leptenton
Delikat----Death, Liquor, Kicks and Trombones
Demon Waffle----Attack Of The Waffle EP
Demon Waffle----Eat Your Breakfast
Desfilaters----24 Hours Party People
Desgavell----Matant el temps
Deskadena----Ska Inside
deskartados----Por las cosas importantes
Deskisiados & Perros Jodidos----Deskisiadamente Jodidos
Deskisiados----Malditas Ratas de Kampo
Deskite----Con el sudor de la frente
Destination Anywhere----Coffee, Horn & Cigarettes
Destination Anywhere----FUCK OFF!!
Destination Anywhere----Hier ist Godot WEB
Destination Anywhere----Party, Love And Tragedy
Destination Anywhere----Sobstuff, Tales & Anthems
Destination Anywhere----You won't bring me Down
Destination: Failure!----Are We There, Yet?
Destination Failure----Destination Failure
Destination: Failure!----Reflections EP
Detached----Finding Time
Detached----None The Wisher
Detached----You Only Live Once EP
Deth Becomes Shane----Shanes Addiction
Diagonal 18----El mismo plan
Diagonal 18----Reaccion Sur
Die Aeronauten----1:72
Die Aeronauten----Extremadura (Les Aeronauten)
Die Aeronauten----Gegen Alles
Die Aeronauten----Heinz
Die Aeronauten----Hier:
Die Aeronauten----Ich Wollt Ich War Tot, Bettina
Die Aeronauten----Jetzt Musik
Die Elenden----Bacilly
Die Elenden/C.S.U.----Elend fьr Alle
Die Elenden----In Wehmut Und Polka
Die Fischer----Das Delirium schlagt zuruck
Dimebag Jonnys----Ex-Teenage Rebels
Dimestore Skanks----Best Revenge
Dimestore Skanks----EP
Dimples Malone----Dimples Malone
Dimples Malone----Fine Songs
Dionysos----Wein Weib und Gesang
Dirty Bees----Ghost Town
Dirty Larry----Inception
Dirty Skankers----Dirty Skankers EP
Dirty Skankers----The Collapse EP
Disability----Mit Pauken und Trompeten MCD
Discarica Abusiva----Effetti Collaterali - Running Fast 4 Living
Discoballs----Dance Like Nobody's Watching
Discoballs----Disco Very Channel
Discoballs----Rise And Shine
The Dissenters----Real Life Heroes
Distorsion Moska----En Esta Eskina
Pelt----Pelt [Untitled]
Distorsion Nocturna----Mis amigos me dejaron
Distorted Penguins----Billiam Rockwell
Distorted Penguins----Magic
Distorted Penguins----What Would Your Mother Say (EP)
Diversity is an Old Wooden Ship----Demo
Do It With Malice----Demo (2005)
Do It With Malice----Symphonic Homicide (2008)
Do It With Malice----The Burned-Over District
Doberman----Especial Doberman: 10th Anniversary The Best Album
Docteur Destroy----Sante
Docteur Destroy----Vive La Vie
Doctormanette----The Same Thing Over & Over
Doliprane 5000----Demor а la Rache
Doliprane 5000----Split Doliprane 5000 & YUK
Domino88----Bravo! Nova
Domino88----Cartoon Cafe
Domino88----Cross the Street(VA Covers)
Domino88----Friends of Longstanding
Domino88----GO GO CLUB
Domino88----LIVE CRAZY
Domino88----Please Please Baby
Domino88----Cross the Street(VA Covers)
Domino88----Spring Time of Life
Don & The Rascals----Noviembre: The Stars Have Fallen
Don't Mess With Winkie----3 Song EP
Don't Mess With Winkie----Charlie Eats the World
Don't Mess With Winkie----Guitar Pit Studio
Double Negative----Don't peel it off,and Don't pull it off!!
Down With Fupa----EP
Downfall----Get Ready For Action
Dr. Krapula----Vive Latino 2011
Dr. Octopus----This Time We Fight
Drake City----Drake City
Dregs Of Society----Major Drainage
Dregs Of Society----Sax Offenders
Drive-Thru Pharmacy----Adventures In The Jersey Woods
Driving While Stupid----One Size Fits All
Drunken Boomerang----The Return Of Drunken Boomerang
Duck Missile----Excellent Eyes
Duff Muffin----Fifty Pounds For The Round
Duff Muffin----The Duff Muffin Self Titled EP
Duff Muffin----The Eagle Eyes EP
Dulces Diablitos----Frutos de Exportacion