вторник, 10 февраля 2015 г.

Soon Update -=Skate-Punk=-

3rd Man In----When Balloon Animals Attack
57 Shfity----DEMO 1997
A Hero Build----Prospects EP
Absconded----Five Year Plan
Action Men----Ramadama
Action Men----Ramadama
Action Men----Upa A Baba
Adelleda----Herkimer Street
All Normal Society----Fast Pain Relief
Allout Helter----Free Riot Fest Download
Another Chance----Tiempos Dificiles Y Desalentadores
Back Lift----Ten Years Later
Bald Vulture----Punk Core From Hell
Bandage----A Glitch In The Hive EP
Bandage----Bandage EP
Bandage----North By Northeast
Better Luck Next Time----We'll Take It from Here
Cease & Resist----Cease & Resist E.P.
Cerebral Scrub?----COITUS MONGLOIDUS
Ceroabsoluto----Sin Direccion
Class Of 1984----Ramputation
Crashed----Who We Are EP
Crotch Rockets----Demo 1997
Crotch Rockets----Pleasant Pandemonium
DC Fallout----Demo 2009
DC Fallout----Objector
DC Fallout----Serfs Up
Dead Market----For What It's Worth
Di Lance Corporal----Di Lance Corporal
Dillema----Expresso Barbбrie
Double Negative----UnMutual
Dummy----X-Rated Spacetricks
Dutch Nuggets----Nervous Wreck
Eat Defeat----Challenges
Coma Commander----Eat Defeat's European Mixtape
Eat Defeat----It's Always Sunny In Yorkshire
Escape Velocity----Colors In The Atmosphere
Face The Fax----Basic Human Wrongs
Fast Response----Welcome To Corruptia
Force the Issue----Demo
Forward----Call the ambulance, the scene is dead
Four Get Me A Nots----AUTHENTIC
Four Get Me A Nots----Blinks
Four Get Me A Nots----Elixir (EP)
Four Get Me A Nots----Foresight
Four Get Me A Nots----Silver Lining
Frontside Five----50 x 50 Split (split)
Fucking Suck----You Are A Fucking Suck
Fullcount----Concessions & Compromises
Future Primitive.----FP14
Germ Head----Demo #1
Goon On The Rocks----Gimme Back My Goon Times
Goon On The Rocks----Let's Get Putrid
Happy Noise----...Just Like A Martian
Heroes Die Too----In Real Life
Heroes Die Too----Women And Children First
Hey Mister!----A Trip For Biscuits EP
Hey Mister!----Rocket Summer
Hit The Mark----Moments of Our Life
Hollow Tides----Overly Honest
How To Fuck it----Wishing You Were Here
Implants----From Chaos To Order
Jet Market----Anthology
Kacttus----Protests And Rebellions
Ken Sent Me----Home Is Where Your Heart Is
Kill The President!----Citizens EP
Lapdog----Knight For A Day
Lapdog----The perpetual race
Larry's Pizza----Skate Or Die! EP
Losing Must----Up Front
Losing Must----You Are Welcome
Magazine o Monday----DE LAS CENIZAS
Mercy Street----Let Me Live
Minority Of One----Glory Days
Motivo----En Defensa Propia
No More Time----The Loser Wins EP
Noisefight----Downward spiral
Noopinion----No Chains For Change
Numb For Nothing----The Beginning
Off To Nowhere----Statement Of Principles EP
OMAHA----Fast Music For Slow People
OMAHA----Touch 'em all, Joe
One minute less----Mute the time
Our Darkest Days----EP demo
Peer Pressure----The Hidden Tape
Pride & Shame----Better Days In Different Ways
Pride & Shame----Blind Date
Pride & Shame----Reality (EP)
Rawfire----Keep in the Garage [EP]
Relatively Safe----Simon says it's not an option EP
Scream Loud----Redefinindo a si mesmo
Screed----Why Should We Care
Since We Were Kids----Skatecore
Skirtbox----Crouching Squirrel, Hidden Beaver
Slick 46----No Apologies EP
Start At Zero----Fasing Insanity
Stay Home----First 2 Ep's
Suburban Stereotype----Carnaval
Super Knockers----Cassette
The Decline----Can I Borrow a Feeling
The Disappeared----A Realization Of Hope
The Disappeared----Bridges
The Disappeared----Nothing.Someone.Something
The Disappeared----The Radical Miracle (EP)
The Friday Prophets----Pieces
The Ignored----Fugue
The Lizards----Frill Seeker
the NewOnes----Less whisper, more roar
The Old, The Young & The Other----The Old, The Young & The Other
The old, the young & the other----Split
The Undecided----The Undecided
The Undecided----The Undecided
The Undecided----More To See
They Stay Dead----Cursed
Torches To Triggers----Modern Day Monsters
War Called Home----Defenders
War Called Home----Let's Talk About Covers
War Called Home----Origins
X-State Ride----X-State Ride